“All souls are playing, some consciously, some unconsciously. Knowledge is learning to play consciously.”


Official Bio

At sixteen Branka was initiated in the meditation practise that ultimately introduced her to the subject of Vedic Astrology as well. In 2001. she began her Jyotish studies at Shri Jagannath center Serbia.

Since her first touch with Jyotish in 2001, she has travelled the world, attending courses held by her Jyotish Guru Pt. Sanjay Rath. She is accredited with the degrees of Jaimini Scholar by completing a five year Jaimini program, and Jyotish Pandit by completing Parashara Jyotisha course, and is among the first students of Pt. Sanjay Rath to receive these degrees.

Her early love for spiritual books and the subject of Jyotish inspired her to translate five of her Guru’s books to her native language. She is currently working on a commentary to the Jyotish classic Jataka Parijata, contributes to Jyotish magazine The Jyotish Digest and keeps a weekly Jyotish newsletter.

Branka is a founder of JYOTISH LIBRARY – membership for students of Vedic Astrology! 

Branka wrote two books, Truths About the Sun Sings and Letters to my Jyotish Friends.

Branka is married and lives with her husband Visti and their two sons in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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10 fun facts
  1. My grandmother initiated me into dream interpretation. I’ve since confirmed her teachings during my study of Jyotish.
  2. Early on, I learned to predict through coffee cups. My friends and cousins are sad that I left that practice, though thrilled that they have an astrologer in the family.
  3. As a proper Sagittarian, I grew up loving to shoot guns.
  4. The first astrological book I read and later penned was about the Sun signs.
  5. I became vegetarian at 15 because I felt immensely better when not eating meat. I stayed vegetarian because I couldn’t see myself eating any animal, or in one phrase: “Be kind to animals by not eating them.”
  1. I love to meditate. It is the best practice/technique that I’ve learned at 16; it has served me throughout my life.
  2. I love to travel. I studied Geography and Tourism only because of my love of travel. Best decision ever. #travellingastrologer
  3. I translated my first jyotish book, because a friend lamented that she couldn’t read English and thus could not learn Jyotish. I’ve since dedicated every translation to her.
  4. I am addicted to books, and they’ve saved me in more ways than one. I’ve translated 5, written 2, and God willing, there is more to come.
  5. My husband calls me an alchemist. When times are rough, I keep saying, let’s turn dirt Into gold.

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Truths about the sun signs

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