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I offer horoscope consultations, courses and articles in the topic of Vedic astrology – Jyotish

Jātaka Parijāta

Study of Jataka Parijata by the author Vaidyanatha Dikshita. A Jyotish classic unrivaled by contemporaries of its generation.

RAMA Courses

Learn Jyotish with Visti Larsen!
RAMA webinars cover 120+ hours with topics ranging from basic principles of Jyotish to advanced prediction methods.

Bhṛgu Sūtra

My personal project, the decoding of the monumental Jyotish classic by Maharishi Bhrigu, the first Sage of Astrology!

Comparing 3 types of Vimshottari Dashas

Comparing 3 types of Vimshottari Dashas is Part 2. of a presentation done by Visti Larsen, with his gracious host, Anuradha Sharda. If you have missed Part 1., we recommend that you start with that. You can find How to read Dasha Sandhi here. Daśā is the study of time...

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Planetarna prijateljstva

Planetarna prijateljstva Par uvodnih reči na temu šta su to planetarna prijateljstva, zašto je ovo znanje bitno i kako se primenjuje u analizi horoskopa. Đotiš klasik Maharišija Parašare, ili najveći kompendijum znanja iz oblasti Vedske astrologije, Brihat Parašara...

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Upachaya: Houses of Growth

Among the twelve houses, four houses are called Upachaya. Upachaya means accumulation, quantity, elevation, increase, growth, etc. These houses have the special ability to help one’s growth and make one fulfill one’s objectives in life.

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Kemadruma joga

Definicija Kemadruma joge Kemadruma joga pripada grupi veoma bitnih planetarnih kombinacija, nezaobilaznih u analizi horoskopa. Definicija: Kemadruma joga je formirana kada su dvanaesta i druga kuća od Meseca /Ćandre bez planeta, dakle sa obe strane Meseca imamo...

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Recommendations from our colleagues, clients, students, peers and well wishers!

visti and branka are most prolific vedic astrologers spreading knowledge across globe , following them since 2005 , highly recommended to everyone who wants to experience magic of indian astrology !!

Shashank Choudhary

Senior Chemist, Garware Polyester Limited

A talented soul with an open heart.

Phyllis Chubb

Vedic Astrologer, Self Employed

I have known Branka personally, since the time I had gone to Serbia to deliver some lectures on Vedic astrology. She is a great human being and a wonderful astrologer.

Chandrashekhar Sharma

Vedic Astrologer, Self Employed

Excellent and Prolific knowledge in Vedic astrology

Pal Pranab

Vedic Astrologer, Self Employed

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