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I help people recognize that knowledge is strength & how knowing the basics of Vedic Astrology can improve their life

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Learn Jyotish with Visti Larsen! RAMA Webinars & Workshops cover 120+ hours with topics ranging from basic principles of Jyotish to advanced prediction methods.

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Jātaka Parijāta

Study of Jataka Parijata by the author Vaidyanatha Dikshita. A Jyotish classic unrivaled by contemporaries of its generation.


The 9th house of Bhāgya

Guide & Guru Pt. Sanjay Rath This article was inspired by the recent Leeds workshop delivered by the Visti Larsen, titled Mending one’s fortunes. This

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Jyotish NEWS & Events

Leeds International Vedic Astrology Conference: Fate & Fortune It is always good news when announcing events and gatherings dedicated to the topic that we love,

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A talented soul with an open heart.
Phyllis Chubb
Vedic Astrologer, Self Employed
Visti and Branka are most prolific vedic astrologers spreading knowledge across globe , following them since 2005 , highly recommended to everyone who wants to experience magic of indian astrology !
Shashank Choudhary
Senior Chemist, Garware Polyester Limited
Excellent and Prolific knowledge in Vedic astrology.
Pal Pranab
Vedic Astrologer, Self Employed
I have known Branka personally, since the time I had gone to Serbia to deliver some lectures on Vedic astrology. She is a great human being and a wonderful astrologer.
Chandrashekhar Sharma
Vedic Astrologer, Self Employed

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