The topic of ‘Remedial Measures’ in Vedic Astrology is often neglected, and yet there is a hope that we as Jyotishas never forget to conclude any aspect of our practice, or a study, without learning about the remedies for the same. This is after-all our main purpose as astrologers, to shed light on the karmas in such a way that will improve on ones Gati, or path in life (12th house), and ease the suffering (if any) along the way. After all the fascinating predictions we may offer, we should always remember to offer the remedy and the solution for the problem.

Twelfth house & remedies

12th house of the Zodiac represents our opportunity for the remedies. This is the house that indicates our ancestors (progenitors) or rishis (sages) that came before us. What rishis are interested in is for us to repay our debts, that is, the debt of our creation, in a form of continuation of the lineage. This can be in the form of procreation (family lineage) or through the Shishyas or students (spiritual lineage).

Guna & Gati

Twelfth house specifically shows our Gati or direction in life, and with that also our Gunas or nature. Let’s start with the Gati. 12th house of the Kala Purusha as a body-part indicates feet. Gati as a direction in life is seen from the 12th house. From this concept comes the worship of Guru´s feet or Guru paduka, we bow down to the Gurus feet to get the blessing of the right path in life. On the other hand, Gauna-pada (Upapada) is an arudha calculated from the 12th house that shows the marriage which affects our nature or virtues (guṇa), hence the name gauna.

Note: Sage Parashara in his Jyotish classic dedicated an entire chapter on the topic of the Upapada!

Three types of Vrata

Even though the topic of remedies is vast, based on the 12th house we can ascertain three main Vratas or vows/penances. These are 1) fasting, 2) brahmacharya and 3) Mauna-vrata. All three Vratas are seen from the 12th house but from different reference points. I.e. fasting which is also the main focus of this article is a vow to abstain from eating. It is to be seen from the 12th house from the Lagna as it is a physical penance, hence in Vedic Astrology, we prescribe fasting as a remedy based on the 12th house from the Lagna.

Concept of Upapada fast

As mentioned previously, marriage and kids are the domain of the rishis. But what do we do when there is a problem of getting married or when there are issues in the married life itself? One of the main tools (but certainly not the only one!) in remedying all aspects of the married life is known as Upapada-fasting. Upapada-vrata is to be performed on the day of the lord of the Upapada in one’s horoscope.

  • How does it work? By fasting, we ensure that we are repaying our debts to the rishis, or burning our karmas, and are improving on our gunas. For those not married, it can help to encourage marriage and for those already in the marriage, it can improve on the quality of the married life.

  • When do we fast? Fast is to be done on the day of the lord of the Upapada. These are Sunday for the Leo UL, Monday for Cancer UL, and Tuesday for Aries or Scorpio UL, Wednesday for Gemini or Virgo UL, and so on.

  • Are there any exceptions? Yes, there are exceptions to this. If Upapada happens to be in the 2nd house in one’s horoscope this is not advisable. The 2nd house is our source of sustenance and Vishnu-sthana and such activity would be considered as a-Vishnu or against Vishnu. In such cases, we advise tithi fast based on the Upapada lord. Ex. if Upapada in the 2nd house and 2nd the lord is placed in the 11th house one should perform Ekadashi vrata or fasting on the 11th Tithi called Ekadaśī. The Tithis of fasting are from the 4th tithi, corresponding to the 4th house until the 15th Tithi corresponding to the 3rd house. Fasting is never performed on the day or tithi of the lord of the 2nd house!
  • Other exemption’s arise if you have health problems; one should always take this into account and use common sense. Generally Vata type people or those lighter in weight should be careful with any type of fasting as it can further aggravate Vata in the body.

  • How do we fast? Fasting means no eating, so no food is allowed, the water of fresh pressed juice is allowed. Fasting is done with the Sun as Sakshi or a witness and is done from sunrise to sunset.

Conclusion: Twelfth house of the Zodiac shows one’s Guna & Gati in life. Upapada (otherwise known as Gauna pada) is our marriage, shows that person with whom we share our life and gunas. Fasting on the day of the Upapada lord can improve our married life or prospects for the same, by burning our karmas and repaying our debts to our ancestors (rishis).

– om tat sat –

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