लग्नादष्टमे भृगुफलम्

lagnādaṣṭame bhṛguphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, aṣṭame eighth, bhṛguphalam fruits or results of the Venus

Translation: The results of the Venus in the eighth house.

सुखी चतुर्थे वर्षे मातृगण्डः॥ ४५॥

अर्धयुः रोगीहितदारवान् असन्तुष्टः॥ ४६॥

शुभक्षेत्रे पुर्णयुः॥ ४७॥

तत्र पापयुते अल्पायुः॥ ४८॥


sukhī caturthe varṣe mātṛgaṇḍaḥ || 45||

ardhayuḥ rogīhitadāravān asantuṣṭaḥ || 46||

śubhakṣetre purṇayuḥ || 47||

tatra pāpayute alpāyuḥ || 48||


sukhī happy, one who loves pleasure; caturthe fourth; varṣe year; mātṛ mother; gaṇḍa the cheek, whole side of face including the temple;

ardh half, halved; ayu longevity, rogī sick, diseased; hita planned, arranged, assigned to; dāravān a wife; asantuṣṭa unsatisfied;

śubhakṣetre benefic sign; purṇayu full longevity;

tatra in that case, therefor; pāpayute conjoined malefic; alpāyu short lived.


Translation: If Venus is in the eighth house, the native will be happy. His mother will suffer from a throat (or cheek) trouble in his fourth year.

He will have less then medium span of life and will be sickly. He will have devoted wife but he will be unsatisfied.

If Venus is in the benefic sign, the native will enjoy full span of life. In the case that Venus is associated with a malefic, the native will be short lived.


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