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लग्नत्सप्तमे रविफलम्
lagnatsaptame raviphalam
Translation: The results of the Sun in the seventh house.


विवाहविलम्बनं स्त्रीद्वेषी परदाररतह् दारद्वयवान्॥ ६९॥
पञ्चविंशतिवर्षे देशान्तर प्रवेशः॥ ७०॥
अभक्ष्य भक्षनः विनोदशीलः दारद्वेषी॥ ७१॥
नाशान्तबुद्धिः॥ ७२॥
स्वर्क्षेबलवति एकदारवान्॥ ७३॥
शत्रुनीचवीक्षिते पापयुते वीक्षनैर्बहुदारवान्॥ ७४॥


vivāhavilambanaṁ strīdveṣī paradāraratah dāradvayavān || 69||
pañcaviṁśativarṣe deśāntara praveśaḥ || 70||
abhakṣya bhakṣanaḥ vinodaśīlaḥ dāradveṣī || 71||
nāśāntabuddhiḥ || 72||
svarkṣebalavati ekadāravān || 73||
śatrunīcavīkṣite pāpayute vīkṣanairbahudāravān || 74||


vivāha marriage, taking a wife; vilambanaṁ slowness, delay, procrastination; strīdveṣī misogynist; paradāra another’s wife or wives, adultery; rata pleased, amused, gratified, having sexsual intercourse; dāra a wife; dvayavān twofold nature, insincere, falsehood;
pañca five; viṁśati twenty; varṣe year; deśāntara going abroad, traveling, another countrey; praveśa entering, entrance, penetration, intrusion;
abhakṣya bhakṣanaḥ eating of prohibited food; vinoda pleasure or enjoyment, driving away, sport; śīlaḥ habit, custom, usage, way of living or acting; dāra a wife; dveṣī dating, disliking, hostile, enemy;
nāśa destruction, ruin, annihilation; anta end, limit, boundary; buddhi intelligence, intellect, mind, discernment;
svarkṣebalavati in own sign; eka one, the same; dāravān a wife;
śatru enemy; nīca debilitated; vīkṣite aspect, looked at; pāpayute conjoined malefic planet; vīkṣa looking at, aspect; nair form of; bahu many, numerous, frequent; dāravān wife.


Translation: If the Sun is in the seventh house, person will marry late in life. He will not respect the opposite sex. He will indulge in sexual relations with other peoples wives (he will commit adultery) and will have more than one wife.
In his 25th year of life he will travel abroad, far from home country.
He will find pleasure and have a habit of eating non-vegetarian (or prohibited) food. He will also be inimical or hostile to his wife. Person will also be of unstable mind.
If the Sun is placed in its own sign (Leo), the native will have only one wife. If the Sun is associated with inimical or debilitated planet, or is conjoined or aspected by malefic planet, native will have many wives (or have sexual contacts with numerous woman).

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