॥ भृगु सूत्रम्॥

|| bhṛgu sūtram ||

bhrigu 2


लग्नाच्चतुर्थे रविफलम्

lagnāccaturthe raviphalam

Translation: The results of the Sun in the fourth house.


हीनांगः अहंकारी जनविरोधी उष्नदेही मनः पीडावान्॥ ४३॥

द्वात्रिंशद्वर्षे सर्वकर्मानुकूलवान्॥ ४४॥

बहुप्रतिष्ठासिद्धिः सत्तापदवीज्ञानशौर्यसम्पन्नः॥ ४५॥

धन धान्यहीनः॥ ४६॥

भावाधिपे बलयुते स्वक्षेत्रेत्रिकोणे केन्द्रे लक्ष्नापेक्षया आन्दोलिकाप्राप्तिः॥ ४७॥

पापयुते पापवीक्षनवशाद् दुष्टस्थाने दुर्वहनसिद्धिः॥ ४८॥

क्षेत्रेहीनः॥ ४९॥

परगृह एव वासः॥ ५०॥


hīnāṁgaḥ ahaṁkārī janavirodhī uṣnadehī manaḥ pīḍāvān || 43||

dvātriṁśadvarṣe sarvakarmānukūlavān || 44||

bahupratiṣṭhāsiddhiḥ sattāpadavījñānaśauryasampannaḥ || 45||

dhana dhānyahīnaḥ || 46||

bhāvādhipe balayute svakṣetretrikoṇe kendre lakṣnāpekṣayā āndolikāprāptiḥ || 47||

pāpayute pāpavīkṣanavaśād duṣṭasthāne durvahanasiddhiḥ || 48||

kṣetrehīnaḥ || 49||

paragṛha eva vāsaḥ || 50||


hīnāṁga defective in limb, lame, incomplete in parts; ahaṁkārī proud; jana people; virodhī opposing, hindering, obstructing; uṣnadehī hot body; manaḥ mind, intellect, intelligence; pīḍāvān pain, suffering, injury;

dvātriṁśadvarṣe the 32nd year; sarvakarma all kinds of works, containing all works; one who perform all acts; anukūla favourable, agreeable, conformable; vān endowed with, being, embodying;

bahupratiṣṭhā many establishments, many dwelling places, many deity establishments; siddhi accomplishments, performance, fulfilment; sattā goodness, excellence; pada leader, guide, forerunner; jñāna knowledge, learning, intelligence; śaurya heroism, valour, prowess; sampanna accomplished, excellent;

dhana wealth; dhānya bestowing wealth, fortunate, happy; hīna deficient, for saken, left out;

bhāvā being, existing; dhipe lord, commander; balayute with power, strength; svakṣetre in own sign; trikoṇe in trine; kendre in kendra house; lakṣna indicating, expressing indirectly, mark, sign, symbol; āpekṣayā looking round and about, consideration, reference; āndolikā swinging, fanning; prāptiḥ attainment, acquisition;

pāpayute conjoined with malefic; papa: malefic; vīkṣana looking at, aspecting, seeing, investigating; vaśād desired by, wished by; duṣṭasthāne in a bad house; durvahana bad vehicles; siddhiḥ accomplishment, success;

kṣetra land, property, soil; hīna left, abounded, deficient;

paragṛha homes of others; eva also; vāsaḥ to obide.


Translation: If the Sun is in the fourth house, the native will have defective limbs, he will be proud, will be opposed to the public and will have hot (pitta) constitution. In the 32nd year of his life, all his karmas will work to his benefit.

He would have completed many establishments/homes, he will be good leader, attain a high position, be knowledgeable and will become valorous. He will not, however, be well of financially.

If the lord of the fourth house is strong, or in its own sign and is placed in quadrant (Kendra) or trine (Trikona) house, he will obtain many comforts of the highest (royal) class.

If [the 4th lord] is joined or aspected by malefics by graha dristi or placed in a dusthana, the person will be skilled in bad/ruined vehicles. Will be devoid of land and will abide in others properties.




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