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Dusthana: Houses of Suffering

Dusthana: Houses of Suffering

Dusthana houses

Among the twelve houses, there are three, which cause suffering to the native, due to the effects of past births. Maharishi Parashara calls these houses Du houses; the present nomenclature knows them as Du – sthana or dusthana.

These houses are:

  • Sixth (sins/weaknesses, strife, punishment, enmity, fights, arguments, battles)
  • Eighth (evil karma, past life mistakes/wrong doings, death, shock, sorrow)
  • Twelfth (loss, theft, secret enemies, expenses)

The sixth and eighth houses both become important when diseases are concerned, among which the sixth shows diseases arising from own weaknesses, while the eighth shows the long term diseases and trials arising from the wrong doings in the past births.

The twelfth house indicates losses needed to release one from one’s past debts, which could be forced away from the native, provided the native is not prepared to give. The people who cause this loss act as secret enemies or thieves. From a positive angle, the twelfth house can give good expenses to charitable organizations and similar causes.

– om tat sat –

Jupiter in the Twelfth house

Jupiter in the Twelfth house

Jupiter 12

लग्नाद्द्वादशे गुरुफलम्

lagnāddvādaśe guruphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, dvādaśe twelfth, guruphalam fruits or results of the Jupiter

Translation: The results of the Jupiter in the twelfth house.


निर्धनः पठितः अल्पपुत्रः गणितशास्त्रजः सम्भोगी॥ ५४॥

ग्रन्थिव्रणी अयोग्यः॥ ५५॥

शुभयुते उच्चस्वक्षेत्रे स्वर्गलोकप्राप्तिः॥ ५६॥

पापयुते पापलोकप्राप्तिः॥ ५७॥

धर्ममूलेन धनव्ययः ब्राह्मणस्त्रीसम्भोगी गर्भिनीसम्भोगमी॥ ५८॥


nirdhanaḥ paṭhitaḥ alpaputraḥ gaṇitaśāstrajaḥ sambhogī || 54||

granthivraṇī ayogyaḥ || 55||

śubhayute uccasvakṣetre svargalokaprāptiḥ || 56||

pāpayute pāpalokaprāptiḥ || 57||

dharmamūlena dhanavyayaḥ brāhmaṇastrīsambhogī garbhinīsambhogamī || 58||


nirdhana without property, poor; paṭhita recited, read, mentioned; alpa little, small, minute; putra child; gaṇitaśāstraja being learned in the science of computation; sambhogī enjoying, a sensualist;

granthi a knot, tie, knot of a body; vraṇī having a sore or wound, ulcerated; ayogya unfit, unsuitable, useless;

śubhayute conjoined benefic; uccasvakṣetre exalted or in own sign; svargaloka the celestial world, heaven; prāpti reach, arrival, obtaining;

pāpayute conjoined malefic; pāpaloka the place of suffering, the evil world, hell; prāpti reach, arrival, obtaining;

dharmamūlena root of morality, merit, religion; dhanavyaya the spending of money or treasure; brāhmaṇa one who has divine knowledge, a Brahmin; strīsambhogī enjoyment of woman, sexual contact; garbhinī a pregnant woman; sambhogamī enjoyment of woman, sexual contact.


Translation: If Jupiter is in the twelfth house, the native will be poor, he will be interested in studies, will have few children, will be proficient in mathematics and will be of loose character. Will be highly unsuitable due to boils and sores.

If Jupiter is conjoined benefic or is exalted or in own sign, the native will go to heaven after his death. If Jupiter is conjoined malefic the native will go to hell after his death.

He will spend money on religious causes and will have sexual contact with Brahmin and pregnant woman.