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The addictions of Aquarius

The addictions of Aquarius

My recent article was on the topic of Kumbha Sankranti as Sun was entering the sign Kumbha (or Aquarius) at the time. Today I am more than inspired to continue in those lines, hence the topic of addictions.

When we talk about addictions, or more specifically substance abuse, we talk about Saturn.

It’s all about Saturn

  1. The Sign (or a rashi) is Aquarius!
    In the Zodiac, the eleventh sign or the sign Aquarius covers alcohol and all other fermented liquids and poisons. You can read about its creation and other aspects of the same here.
  2. The Planet responsible for addictions, or substance abuse, is Saturn! All substances that are made to cure any type of pain (painrelief), those of body or those of a mind, are under the umbrella of Saturn.

  • Those who are trying to cure the body pains will have some afflictions to their Varesha or planet that lords the day that person was born on. This principle is a part of the knowledge of Panchanga where in which Vara becomes responsible for one’s body. Both creation or wellbeing of the body. Hence there is no sound prediction on the topic of health without the study of Varesha.
  • On the other hand, many sedatives are meant to sedate the mind. In case of an emotional pain Shubhapati is likely to be afflicted.

A person that has a natural tendency for the substance abuse is likely to have Saturn associated with their Lagna or Moon. This planetary combinations will cause a natural tendency towards the addictions.

  • If Saturn is associated with the Moon there is a natural affinity towards alcohol as Moon represents rai or food and water.
  • On the other hand, if Saturn associates more strongly to Lagna instead, then there is a natural tendency towards smoking or intake of any kind of substance through inhaling as Lagna shows prani or breathing.

When tendency becomes a problem

3. And whilst above listed shows persons tendency’s, to predict a serious or a long lasting addiction other factors need to align as well.

  • In case Saturn associates only with the Aruda Lagna person can take alcohol on the occasion, at the party, etc.
  • In case Saturn associates with the 6th house from Lagna, the person can have some elements of addiction.
  • In case Saturn associates with the 6th house from the Aruda Lagna the person can have an addiction, smoking or other.
  • In case Saturn associates with both, 6th from AL and AL itself then hard addictions can result.
  • In the case when other malefic planet joins in, then addiction goes out of limit and can lead to hardcore addictions. If two or more malefic planets joins Saturn in the 6th from the AL then such an addiction can negatively affect other people as well.

drowning his sorrows in alcohol is a well-known saying – words of Saturn


Saturn is the planet responsible for addictions. When Saturn associates with Lagna or the Moon it gives tendencies towards addictions. Those may or may not lead to serious or long lasting issues depending on the Arudha Lagna and the 6th house from the Aruda Lagna. And lastly, there are exceptions as well. Many of the above-mentioned combinations are linked to the Saturn and Moon that are responsible for the Pravrajya yoga or spiritual tendencies as well. For example, Saturn or Moon in the dual signs in Rashi or Navamsha can reject society in favor of spiritual path.

Saturn in Ninth house

Saturn in Ninth house

लग्नान्नवमे शनिफलम्

lagnānnavame śaniphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, navame ninth, śaniphalam fruits or results of the Saturn

Translation: The results of the Saturn in the ninth house.


पतितः जीर्णोद्धारकरः एकोनचत्वारिंशद्वर्षे

तटाकगोपुरनिमर्णकर्त्ता॥ ४१॥

उच्चस्वक्षेत्रे पितृदिर्घयुः॥ ४२॥

पापयुते दुर्बले पित्ररिष्टवान्॥ ४३॥

patitaḥ jīrṇoddhārakaraḥ ekonacatvāriṁśadvarṣe

taṭākagopuranimarṇakarttā || 41||

uccasvakṣetre pitṛdirghayuḥ || 42||

pāpayute durbale pitrariṣṭavān || 43||


Saturn in the Eleventh house

Saturn in the Eleventh house

Saturn 11


लग्नादेकादशे शनिफलम्

lagnādekādaśe śaniphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, ekādaśe eleventh, śaniphalam fruits or results of the Saturn

Translation: The results of the Saturn in the eleventh house.



बहुधनी विघ्नकरः भूमिलाभः राजपूजकः॥ ४६॥

उच्चे स्वक्षेत्रे वा विद्वान्॥ ४७॥

महाभाग्ययोगः बहुधनी वाहनयोगः॥ ४८॥


bahudhanī vighnakaraḥ bhūmilābhaḥ rājapūjakaḥ || 46||

ucce svakṣetre vā vidvān || 47||

mahābhāgyayogaḥ bahudhanī vāhanayogaḥ || 48||


bahudhanī very rich, very wealthy; vighnakara being prevented or hindered; bhūmi the earth, soil, ground; lābha gain, profit; rāja a king, sovereign; pūjaka honoring, respecting, worshiping;

ucce exalted; svakṣetre own sign; or; vidvān learned;

mahābhāgyayoga Mahabhagya yoga; bahudhanī wealthy, rich; vāhanayoga conveyances.


Translation: If Saturn is in the eleventh house, the native will be very wealthy but he will face some obstacles. He will also be owner of lands and will receive honors from Government.

If Saturn is in his sign of exaltation (Libra) or own sign (Capricorn or Aquarius) the native will be learned and enjoy Mahabhagya yoga and all sorts of comforts and conveyances.


Saturn in the Eighth house

Saturn in the Eighth house


लग्नादष्टमे शनिफलम्

lagnādaṣṭame śaniphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, aṣṭame eighth, śaniphalam fruits or results of the Saturn

Translation: The results of the Saturn in the eighth house.


त्रिपादायुः दरिद्री शूद्रस्त्रीरतः सेवकः॥ ३७॥

उच्चस्वक्षेत्रे दीर्घयुः॥ ३८॥

अरिनीचगे भावाधिपे अल्पायुः॥ ३९॥

कष्टान्नभोगी॥ ४०॥


tripādāyuḥ daridrī śūdrastrīrataḥ sevakaḥ || 37||

uccasvakṣetre dīrghayuḥ || 38||

arinīcage bhāvādhipe alpāyuḥ || 39||

kaṣṭānnabhogī || 40||


tripādāyu three out of four parts; daridrī poor, beggar; śūdra one serving others; strī a wife; rata having sexual intercourse with, loved; sevaka a servant, attendant;

uccasvakṣetre exaltation or own sign; dīrghayu long life;

arinīcage placed in enemy sign or debilitated; bhāvādhipe lord of the house; alpāyu short lived; kaṣṭa evil, wrong, difficult; ānna food, bread corn; bhogī enjoying or suffering.