Mercury in the First House

  अथ तन्वादि द्वादश भावस्थित बुधफलमाह तत्रादौ लग्ने बुधफलम् atha tanvādi dvādaśa bhāvasthita budhaphalamāha tatrādau lagne budhaphalam   atha now; tanva part of the body; adi and other; dvādaśabhāva twelve bhavas or houses; sthita standing, being placed in; budha the Mercury; phala fruit, result; māha great; tatrādau therefore, therein; lagne Lagna or ascendant; budhaphalam the …

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All about Mercury

Sanskrit name is Budha (बुध) meaning awaking, intelligent, clever, wise, learned man, descendent of Soma or Moon. Parashara describes Mercury as a giver of speech. He possesses attractive physique and ability to make fun or to speak words having double meaning, sense of humor, he has a bland of all three doshas. Mercury is Moon’s …

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