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Jyotish News | What is New in Vedic Astrology

Jyotish News | What is New in Vedic Astrology

Dear Friends,
We have welcomed the New Year with an abundance of new video/audio and written materials, covering different Jyotish topics. For those hungry and thirsty for this divine knowledge, this is the golden era (and yes, all thanks to technology)!!

If you have missed some of it, here is the link to one of the lectures delivered by Visti Larsen, with his gracious host Vanita Lenka. The lecture was on the topic of Ketu, and how to read Ketu in one’s horoscope.

KETU THE LIBERATOR | Visti Larsen with Vanita Lenka

During his presentation, Visti gives an in-depth answers to the following questions

  1. Which signs does Ketu lord if any?
  2. What is Ketu karaka/significator of?
  3. Can Ketu suffer afflictions, and if so, what are the indications?
  4. What is Ketu Chakra and how to predict with it? And much more…

To establish the classroom/learning atmosphere, I took some time to create a worksheet with questions on topics covered during this presentation. You can download your worksheet down below, listen to the lecture at your own pace, and then try to answer all the questions. If you can do this in hand then even better, as that written by hand is half learned (and, I am sure that you know the story of Ganesha, yes/no?).

Worksheet: How to read Ketu in a horoscope

This practice will deepen your understanding and can clarify your areas of confusion, if any.

Enjoy and hope you will benefit from this, 

p.s. The webinar has several parts!
p.p.s. If you don’t want to miss out on the newest events, consider subscribing here, or on Visti’s website www.srigaruda.com.

Politics – intelligent stupidity!

Politics – intelligent stupidity!

Politics is probably the highest form of intelligent stupidity!!!

This thought came as an outcry, it needed to go somewhere. As I was writing it down it became unstoppable outpour of feelings to everything that is surrounding us in the news and media, and made me understand better the working of planets, once again.

Politics is that type of intelligence given by planet Rahu. There are rulers and kings representing by Surya (planet Sun). Sun is harsh and burning but dharmic (righteous). And then there are politicians, Rahu. With Rahu there is only head, no heart or compassion, just desire in the head. That desire once full filled brings other desires and the wheel is turning.

The story of Rahu and Ketu is well known but important enough to be repeated once more.