लग्नात्सप्तमे शनिफलम्

lagnātsaptame śaniphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, saptame seventh, śaniphalam fruits or results of the Saturn

Translation: The results of the Saturn in the seventh house.

शनीरदोषकरः कृशकलत्रः वेश्यासम्भोगवान् अतिदुखी

उच्चस्वक्षेत्रेगते अनेकस्त्रीसम्भोगी॥ ३२॥

केतुयुते स्त्रीसम्भोगी॥ ३३॥

कुजयुते शिश्नचुम्बनपरः॥ ३४॥

शुक्रयुते भगचुम्बनपरः॥ ३५॥

परस्त्रीसम्भोगी॥ ३६॥


śanīradoṣakaraḥ kṛśakalatraḥ veśyāsambhogavān atidukhī

uccasvakṣetregate anekastrīsambhogī || 32||

ketuyute strīsambhogī || 33||

kujayute śiśnacumbanaparaḥ || 34||

śukrayute bhagacumbanaparaḥ || 35||

parastrīsambhogī || 36||

śanīra Saturn; doṣakara causing evil or harm; kṛśa lean, thin; kalatra a wife, consort; veśyā a harlot, courtizan, prostite; sambhogavān sensual enjoyment, delight, sexual union; ati beyond, over; dukhī unhappy, sorrowful;

uccasvakṣetregate placed in the sign of exaltation or own sign; aneka not one, many; strīsambhogī enjoyment of woman, sexual contact;

ketuyute conjoined Ketu; strīsambhogī enjoyment of woman, sexual contact;

kujayute conjoined Mars; śiśna a tail, male sexual organ; cumbana kissing; para foreign, others, alien;

śukrayute conjoined Venus; bhagacumbanapara kissing female organ;

parastrī the wife of another or an unmarried woman; sambhogī mutual enjoyment, a sensualist.

Translation: The native will have a lean bodied wife, he will be afflicted in his body and will indulge in prostitution. He will also be very sorrowfull.

If Saturn is in own sign (Capricorn or Aquarius) or sign of exaltation (Libra) the native will have intimacy with many woman. The effect will be the same if Saturn is in conjouction with Ketu.

If Saturn is conjoined Mars, the native will kiss somebody’s male organ, if instead Saturn is conjoined Venus, the native will kiss the female sexual organ and will have intimacy with woman other then his wife.


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