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लग्नान्नवमे शनिफलम्

lagnānnavame śaniphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, navame ninth, śaniphalam fruits or results of the Saturn

Translation: The results of the Saturn in the ninth house.


पतितः जीर्णोद्धारकरः एकोनचत्वारिंशद्वर्षे

तटाकगोपुरनिमर्णकर्त्ता॥ ४१॥

उच्चस्वक्षेत्रे पितृदिर्घयुः॥ ४२॥

पापयुते दुर्बले पित्ररिष्टवान्॥ ४३॥

patitaḥ jīrṇoddhārakaraḥ ekonacatvāriṁśadvarṣe

taṭākagopuranimarṇakarttā || 41||

uccasvakṣetre pitṛdirghayuḥ || 42||

pāpayute durbale pitrariṣṭavān || 43||

patita fallen, dropped, wicked; jīrṇoddhārakara making reparations on what has been ruined; ekona less by one, minus one; catvāriṁśadvarṣe 40th year;

taṭāka a pool; gopura a town gate; nima a pin, stake; arṇa a teak tree, flood streams; karttā cuts, builds;

uccasvakṣetre exaltation sign or own sign; pitṛ father; dirghayu long lived;

pāpayute conjoined malefic; durbale weak; pitra father; riṣṭavān hurt, injury, death.


Translation: If Saturn is in the ninth house, the native will be sinful but he will be making reparations on the ruined religious institutions and in his 39th year he will have built pools, town gates, food storages, etc.

If Saturn is exalted (Libra) or in own sign (Capricorn or Aquarius) natives father will be long lived. If Saturn is weak or debilitated (Aries) or conjoined malefic, natives father will be short lived.

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