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लग्नात्षष्ठे राहुकेत्वोः फलम्

lagnātṣaṣṭhe rāhuketvoḥ phalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, ṣaṣṭhe sixth, rāhuketvo phalam fruits or results of the Rahu or Ketu

Translation: The results of the Rahu or Ketu in the sixth house.

धीरवान् अतिसुखी॥ १४॥

इन्दुयुते राजस्त्रीभोगी॥ १५॥

निर्धनः चोरः॥ १६॥

dhīravān atisukhī || 14||

induyute rājastrībhogī || 15||

nirdhanaḥ coraḥ || 16||

dhīravān brave, courage’s, intelligent; atisukhī very happy;

induyute conjoined Moon; raja a king, sovereign; strībhogī enjoyment of woman, sexual intercourse;

nirdhana without property, poor; cora a thief, plagiarist.


Translation: If Rahu or Ketu are in the sixth house, the native will be brave and very happy. If Moon is conjoined Rahu or Ketu, the native will have sexual contact with ladies of king’s family. He will be poor and a thief.

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