This book is dedicated to my beautiful, unique, wise friends.
Life is sweeter with you.
Thank you!

Letters to my Jyotish friends is a collection of Jyotish newsletter series.

For the last two years, every Wednesday without fail, I sent a weekly newsletter out to my Jyotish friends. Over time my community grew, and today there are over 110K letters sent around the world. Each was created as a bite-sized lesson on Jyotish and spirituality. And each was meant to inspire and open new ways of thinking and seeing. 

Out of many topics covered over time, there were six Jyotish series spanning over a period of several weeks to a couple of months. This book is a collection of these newsletter series. 

For this publication, I’ve expanded on the original letters with an appropriate introduction for each of the topics and selected a FAQ section with additional resources for the reader’s benefit. Other than that, these letters are kept in their original form. 

Letters to my Jyotish friends covers the following series:

  1. Twelve Weeks of Lagna
  2. The Story of the Atmakaraka
  3. How Well Do you Know Signs
  4. Tithi – Your Lunar Day
  5. How to Manage Our Minds

Including two bonus chapters:

1. The Swami, the Maharishi, and the President (article published in the Jyotish Digest magazine), and
2. Planets in the Ascendant Workbook. This Workbook consists of original Sanskrit sutras of Bhṛgu Sūtram translated into English, with a detailed commentary on the first sutra, as a guideline for the study of subsequent ones.

My greatest wish and prayer is that you will benefit from this knowledge. 
In gratitude and love, 
Branka Larsen

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