Mercury in the Third house

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Bu in 3rd

लग्नात् तृतीये बुधफलम्

lagnāt tṛtīye budhaphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, tṛtīye third, budhaphalam fruits or results of the Mercury

Translation: The results of the Mercury in the third house.


भ्रातृमान् बहुसौख्यवान्॥ २५॥

पंचदशवर्षे क्षेत्रपुत्रयुतः॥ २६॥

धनलाभवान्॥ २७॥

सद्गुणशाली॥ २८॥

भावाधिपे बलयुते दीर्घयुः धैर्यवान्॥ २९॥

भावाधिपे भ्रातृपीडा भीतिमान्॥ ३०॥

बलयुते भ्राता दीर्घयुः॥ ३१॥


bhrātṛmān bahusaukhyavān || 25||

paṁcadaśavarṣe kṣetraputrayutaḥ || 26||

dhanalābhavān || 27||

sadguṇaśālī || 28||

bhāvādhipe balayute dīrghayuḥ dhairyavān || 29||

bhāvādhipe bhrātṛpīḍā bhītimān || 30||

balayute bhrātā dīrghayuḥ || 31||


bhrātṛmān a brother or sister; bahu much, many, abundance; saukhyavān happy, lucky;

paṁcadaśa 15th; varṣe year; kṣetra land, property, soil; putrayuta associated with son, together with son;

dhanalābhavān gaining wealth, riches;

sadguṇa good quality, virtuous; śālī

bhāvādhipe lord of the house; balayute strong, endowed with strength; dīrghayuḥ long lived; dhairyavān calm, patience;

bhāvādhipe lord of the house; bhrātṛ brother; pīḍā suffering, injury, harm; bhītimān fearing, alarmed;

balayute strong, endowed with strength, bhrātā a brother; dīrghayu long lived.


Translation: If Mercury is in the third house the native will have a good number of brothers (or sisters) and will be very happy. In his 15th year he will get a child and will become owner of lands.

Mercury in third house will make person wealthy. He will be of high morals and full of good qualities.

If the lord of third house is strong the native will be long lived and tolerant (will have patience). If the lord of third house is weak, native’s brother will suffer and the native will be timid. If the lord of the third is strong, brothers will be long lived.


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