Mercury in the Tenth house

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Budha in 10

लग्नाद्दशमे बुधफलम्

lagnāddaśame budhaphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, daśame tenth, budhaphalam fruits or results of the Mercury

Translation: The results of the Mercury in the tenth house.


सत्कर्मसिद्धिः धैर्यवान् बहुलकीर्तिमान् बहुचितवान्॥ ६७॥

अष्टाविंशतिवर्षे नेत्ररोगवान्॥ ६८॥

उच्चस्वक्षेत्रे गुरुयुतेऽग्निष्टोमादि बहुकर्मवान्॥ ६९॥

अरिपापयुते मूढकर्मविघ्नवान् दुष्कृतिः अनाचारः॥ ७०॥


satkarmasiddhiḥ dhairyavān bahulakīrtimān bahucitavān || 67||

aṣṭāviṁśativarṣe netrarogavān || 68||

uccasvakṣetre guruyute’gniṣṭomādi bahukarmavān || 69||

aripāpayute mūḍhakarmavighnavān duṣkṛtiḥ anācāraḥ || 70||


satkarma good work, virtuous act; siddhi accomplishment, fulfillment; dhairyavān calmness, patience; bahula wide, broad, abundant; kīrtimān praised, famous; bahucitavān big thinker, great thinker;

aṣṭāviṁśativarṣe 28th year; netrarogavān eye disease;

ucca exalted; svakṣetre own sign; guruyute conjoined Jupiter; ‘gniṣṭomādi agni and other religious rites; bahukarmavān many acts or deeds;

ari enemy; pāpayute conjoined malefic; mūḍha stupid, foolish, confused; karmavighnavān having impediment to work, obstacle; duṣkṛti acting wickedly, evil; anācāra improper in behavior, unprincipled.


Translation: If Mercury is in the tenth house the native will be successful by performing virtuous acts. He will be patient, will be a great thinker and will have wide spread reputation.

In his 28th year he will suffer from eye related diseases.

If Mercury is exalted (in Virgo) or in own sign (Gemini) or conjoined Jupiter, he will perform many kinds of religious rites (or offerings). If Mercury is in the sign of his enemy or conjoined malefic, the native will be stupid, will have impediment to work, will be evil and will be of a bad conduct.






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