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Bu in 5th

लग्नात्पंचमे बुधफलम्

lagnātpaṁcame budhaphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, paṁcame fifth, budhaphalam fruits or results of the Mercury

Translation: The results of the Mercury in the fifth house.


मातुलगण्डःमात्रदिसौख्यंपुत्र विघ्नमेधवी

मधुरभाषी बुद्धिमान्॥ ३८॥

भावाधिपे पापयुते बलहीने पुत्रनाशः॥ ३९॥

अपुत्र दत्तपुत्रप्राप्तिः पापकर्मी मंत्रवादी॥ ४०॥


mātulagaṇḍaḥmātradisaukhyaṁputra vighnamedhavī

madhurabhāṣī buddhimān || 38||

bhāvādhipe pāpayute balahīne putranāśaḥ || 39||

aputra dattaputraprāptiḥ pāpakarmī maṁtravādī || 40||


mātula a maternal uncle; gaṇḍa a cheek, danger, a boil; mātradi mother and others; saukhyaṁ happiness, enjoyment, comfort; putra a child, son; vighna hindrance, obstacle, destroyer; medhavī intelligent; madhurabhāṣī speaking sweetly, softly, buddhimān intelligent, learned, endowed with understanding;

bhāvādhipe lord of the house; pāpayute conjoined malefic; balahīne destitude of strength, weak; putranāśa loss or death of child;

aputra sonless; data given, granted, extended; putra a child, son; prāptiḥ obtaining, arrival at, gain; pāpakarmī wrong doing, wicked, a sinner; maṁtra mantra, prayer; vādī speaking, learned, wise.


Translation: If Mercury is in the fifth house, the native’s maternal uncle will be exposed to dangers. He will enjoy happiness from maternal side, will have difficulty in having children, will be highly intelligent (will have brain power), soft-spoken and wise.

If lord of the fifth house is weak or conjoined malefic planet there will be loss of children. Having no children he will obtain child by adoption. He will be sinful and will practice (recite) mantras.









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