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Leeds International Vedic Astrology Conference: Fate & Fortune

It is always good news when announcing events and gatherings dedicated to the topic that we love, namely Jyotish. One such event has been planned for the month of October this year, in Leeds Theosophical Society.

The topic chosen is Bhagya: Fate & Fortune. The conference has an exciting panel of speakers, including Visti Larsen, Rajan Pitamber, Gordon Brennan, Vijaya Subramanian, and Paul Barker.

For bookings and further information email: info@ts-leeds.org.uk.

This will be the second year around to meet this wonderful and growing part of our Jyotish community. Last year Visti Larsen presented two topics, of which one was a whole day lecture on the topic of Ātma sambandha or How the planet symbolizing the soul, the Ātmakāraka, affects the native’s relationships and life!

This workshop is now available at RAMA Academy, together with accompanying workbook, free material and more.

Hope this is of a benefit to you and your ever-growing knowledge.


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