Jātaka Pārijāta|śloka 12

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Śloka 1. 12.

चापस्य वाजिरथवारणवासभूमिः एणाननस्य सरिदम्बुवनप्रदेशाः।
कुम्भस्य तोयघटभाण्डगृहस्थलानि मीनाधिवाससरिदम्बुधितोयराशिः॥ १२॥

cāpasya vājirathavāraṇavāsabhūmiḥ eṇānanasya saridambuvanapradeśāḥ |
kumbhasya toyaghaṭabhāṇḍagṛhasthalāni mīnādhivāsasaridambudhitoyarāśiḥ || 12||

Translation: Houses made of wood for keeping horses and chariots belong to Sagittarius. Homestead where Capricorn dwells is river and forest with a lot of water inside. Aquarius is situated in the water pots or vessels used in the house. Pisces settlement is river, ocean or similar quantity of water.

Commentary: Sagittarius shows horse stables or barracks for war elephants and chariots and in the modern context it is the garage, parking lots and the battlefield. Capricorn represents rivers, shallows, and marshy places. Places, where vessels are kept like the kitchen or storerooms, warehouses and other storage places, are indicated by Aquarius in addition to toilets and latrines where water has to be carried for cleansing. Pisces indicate the sea, large rivers, places of rejuvenation and cure like hospitals.

If you missed the previous śloka (JP śloka 10-11) you can read it here.

– om tat sat –

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