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अथ मेषादीनां स्थानवर्णनम्।
atha meṣādīnāṁ sthānavarṇanam |

Translation: In the next ślokas will be spoken on the characteristics of the places where various signs are dwelling.

Commentary: This knowledge is very useful for Praśna techniques, where lost object needs to be found. Also by knowing this, we are able to find birth place of the native and other important information related to place.

Śloka 1. 10.

मेषस्य धातुकररत्नधरातलं स्यात् उक्ष्णस्तु सातुकृषिगोकुलकाननानि।
द्यूतकृयारतिविहारमही युगस्य वापीतटाकपुलिनानि कुलीरराशेः॥ १०॥
meṣasya dhātukararatnadharātalaṁ syāt ukṣṇastu
ātukṛṣigokulakānanāni |
dyūtakṛyārativihāramahī yugasya vāpītaṭākapulināni kulīrarāśeḥ || 10||

Translation: Aries is dwelling on earth, which is rich with the minerals and precious stones.  Flat fields should be connected with Taurus. Also Taurus must be connected with the place of agriculture, cow-houses and forests. Places for gambling, for enjoyment and gardens are related to Gemini. Lakes, ponds or sandbanks are places of Cancer.

Commentary: In this śloka, it has been indicated that Aries is ruling over the earth, connected with minerals and precious stones. In Bṛhat Paraśara Hora Śastra, for Aries, the term śailacārī (Parashara, 1999) is used. It means wandering in the mountains. For Taurus, Paraśara said that it rules over grāmyo vaṇija – villages and traders, while here in Jātaka Parijata, this is assigned to Libra. Taurus indicates plateaus, plains, farms, cowsheds, forests and such other places inhabited by quadrupeds. For Gemini, Paraśara specified that it is connected to villages (grāmavrajo). Gemini also represents gambling dens, pleasure haunts, bars, and such places where people meet for entertainment. Cancer indicates rivers and sandbanks, places where civilization begins.  And for Cancer, Paraśara adds that he is roaming in woods (vanacārī).

Śloka 1. 11.

कण्ट्ःईरवस्य धनशैलगुहावनानि षष्ठस्य शाद्वलवधूरतिशिल्पभूमिः।
सर्वार्थसारपुरपण्यमही तुलायाः कीतस्य चाश्मविधकीटबिलप्रदेशाः॥ ११॥
kaṇṭḥīravasya dhanaśailaguhāvanāni ṣaṣṭhasya śādvalavadhūratiśilpabhūmiḥ |
sarvārthasārapurapaṇyamahī tulāyāḥ kītasya cāśmavidhakīṭabilapradeśāḥ || 11||

Translation: Property of Leo is rock crags, caves, and forests. The abiding place of Virgo is one with a lot of grass or decorated ladies-pleasure rooms. Place where everything can be seen, bought or sold (market place), belongs to Libra. Scorpio indicates stony regions full of dirt, holes full of worms, insects.

Commentary: Mountain-caves and dense jungles is the abode of the lion or Leo. Virgo will represent pasture lands, green fields ready for harvest in addition to living rooms of women. All markets, bazaars, stock markets and areas where traders sell their valuable merchandise are indicated by Libra.  The lair of the scorpion is near filthy places, noxious reptiles prefer swampy and dirty areas and poisonous snakes live in underground holes in secluded places. Deep wells and such places where the water is very stationery (Scorpio is a fixed sign) and can become poisonous is also indicated.

Example chart:

In the given example, lord of the fifth house (of knowledge) is placed in the twelfth house in Libra. Lord of the fifth house shows the place where somebody gives knowledge. Here Jupiter is in Libra, which represents the market place, city center, and the person was teaching a very serious course near the market place and city center. Fifth lord Jupiter is in Parivartana yoga with Venus in Sagittarius, indicating the change of the place and person went from teaching in the city to teach in the mountain area. Teaching in a foreign country is also indicated as Jupiter is in the twelfth house.

If you missed the previous śloka (JP śloka 9) you can read it here.

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