अथ मीनादीनां स्वरूपवर्णनम्।
atha mīnādīnāṁ svarūpavarṇanam |

व्यत्यस्तोभयपुच्चमस्तकयुतौ मीनौ सकुंभो नर –
स्तौली चापधरस्तुरंगजघनो नक्रो मृगास्यो भवेत्।
वीणाढ्यं सगदं नृयुग्ममबला नौस्था ससस्यानला
शेषाः स्वस्व गुणाभिधानसद्दशाः सर्वे स्वदेशास्चयाः॥ ९॥vyatyastobhayapuccamastakayutau mīnau sakuṁbho nara –
staulī cāpadharasturaṁgajaghano nakro mṛgāsyo bhavet |
vīṇāḍhyaṁ sagadaṁ nṛyugmamabalā nausthā sasasyānalā
śeṣāḥ svasvaguṇābhidhānasaddaśāḥ sarve svadeśāscayāḥ || 9 ||

Translation: Sign Pisces is depicted as two fishes, moving in the opposite direction, with joined heads and tails. Aquarius is a man with the pot. Libra is a man with the balance. Sagittarius is a half armed man, and the other half is of the horse. Capricorn is a crocodile with the face of a deer. Gemini is described as a couple, where female is caring a vīṇā, and a male is caring mace. Virgo is a lady standing in the boat, having corn in one hand and the fire in the other. Remaining signs are described by their names. All of them are inhabits the regions appropriate to them.

Commentary: Symbols are not the creations of the mind, but rather are distinct capacities within the mind to hold a distinct piece of information. Thousands of yogas, as well as multiple informations about the world and time, can be stored in the human mind provided we master this language of symbols used by ṛṣi (Rath, Kāraka Review, 2007). Pandit Sanjay Rath said that word symbol we can use as Karaka, a doer. So, symbol of the sign will show us the traits of the sign. For example, Aries is symbolised by Ram, which will show the ability to push thing ahead, to go forward; on the other side, it can show very stubborn person, the one who don’t give up easily. 

Symbol of the rāśi is important for the study of Astrology because they are not picked randomly. For example, sign Pisces is described as two fishes eating each other’s tails. So, they are going in cycles, and they will show natural twelve house, which is house of emancipation, liberty from one side (so, going above the circles of saṁsāra) and from the other side it will represent the bondage, imprisonment and closed institution. Also, same sign can tell us a lot of information related to flows that every sign has. Fish can not stay alive on the direct Sun, so there is a problem with Agni (fire) tattva. Like this each sign and its symbol holds a wealth of information about that sign.

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