How to judge planets in houses

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Most struggle to answer the simple question, is the Moon well placed in the 4th house or is Saturn badly placed in the 10th house, etc. Before rushing to find the answer in Jyotish literature, we should know that those answers are based on some basic Jyotish principles with which we can competently answer such questions.

Step 1: Houses can be broadly divided into auspicious houses or those through which Prāṇa (or the life force) comes in; and inauspicious houses or those through which Prāṇa moves out, and hence we consider them inauspicious.

Auspicious houses are Kendra (1,4,7,10) and Kona (5,9) houses whilst inauspicious houses are dusthana (6,8,12) houses.

With this definition, there are some houses left to be covered. Those are the 3rd house that is akin to a dusthana; 2nd house tends to follow Kendra and Kona struggles and the 11th house can be considered as both, but as a domain of Rahu it tends to lead to rebirth.

Step 2: Benefic planets are best placed in Kendra and Kona houses as they allow the flow of Prana to come in, whilst malefic planets here tend to block the same. It is reverse in dhushtana houses where malefic planets are better to block the Prana from leaving whilst benefic planets here are powerless to stop the same.

Step 3: One should consider the lordships of the planets.  Lords of Kendra and Kona are best placed in Kendra and Kona, whilst lords of dusthana and trishadaya houses (3, 6, 11) are best placed in dusthana.

Once this principle is in place then we can start judging the other aspects of certain planetary placement and bring other Jyotish techniques into the picture such as planetary yogas, dignity, varga placement etc.

Example chart: Donald Trump

There are four malefic planets placed in the Kendra houses.

  • Of these, Ascendant lord Sun is considered well placed in the 10th house with digbala. It is said that Ascendant lord so placed gives honor, fame, ambitions and prosperity. This Sun is the Atmakaraka planet that only enhances all indications of Leo Ascendant and its lord in siddha yoga, in the 10th house.
  • Sun is conjoined and afflicted by Rahu that constitutes an eclipse, and apart from that, Sun with Rahu is a combination for politicians.
  • Other malefic planets form a Sarpa yoga that is known to give strong sexual appetites, strong focus and/or obsession on one’s appearance and heavy pressures in life.
  • One benefic planet breaking this Sarpa yoga is the Moon in the 4th house under severe affliction and, a Lunar eclipse. As it is debilitated on the Aruda lagna, it will give a type of fame that is working like Ketu or in other words, his fame will grow from controversy, he will benefit from all the “backhanded” tactics and generally have severally spoiled reputation.

To be continued…

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