Avastha (Avasthā), mn. state, existence or condition. Often refers to the condition of a planet in a sign or division of which several methods of calculation exist and five are in prominence viz. Jagratādi, Bālādi, Diptādi, Lajjitādi, and Śayanādi.

Bālādi. Meaning: infant and other states. Refers to one among five age-based states of
planets based on their degree in the sign.
Dīptādi. Meaning: blazing, flaming or hot states. Refers to the state of a planet as a result
of it being in its signs of exalted, own, friendly, neutral, enemy or debility.
Lajjitādi. Meaning: shameful and other states. Refers to the state of a planet as being
ashamed or similar emotions.


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