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The addictions of Aquarius

My recent article was on the topic of Kumbha Sankranti as Sun was entering the sign Kumbha (or Aquarius) at the time. Today I am more than inspired to continue in those lines, hence the topic of addictions.

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Kumbha Sankranti – Month of Aquarius

Kumbha masa or Kumbha Sankranti is the time of the year when the Sun enters Kumbha rashi, or the sign Aquarius.
What does it mean and how to benefit during such time are some of the topics.. To read the article go to

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Jyotish News | What is New in Vedic Astrology

Dear Friends,
We have welcomed the New Year with an abundance of new video/audio and written materials, covering different Jyotish topics. For those hungry and thirsty for this divine knowledge, this is the golden era (and yes, all thanks to technology)!!
To read the full blog post and to download your worksheet, please go to

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Happy Makara Sankranti!!

Makara Sankranti is the time of the Sun entering Makara, or the sign Capricorn, and it marks the beginning of the Deva-Ayana.

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Preuzmite besplatno poglavlje!

Preuzmite poglavlje knjige tako što ćete uneti Vaše podatke u naznačena polja. 

Truths about the sun signs

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