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“If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” In the true spirit of the quote from above, the month of May was all about knowledge-sharing. If you haven’t already, my sincere recommendation is to listen to

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The month of Taurus – The beginning of Vedic Summer

Sun’s entry into the sign Taurus, or Vedic Vrishabha, is also known as Vrishabha Sankranti. If you are interested in the mundane aspects of the Sun’s entry into different signs checkout Visti’s Rama courses [link]. Bull – The Symbol Vrishabha

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Marriage Delay and Denial: Timing delayed marriage

By Visti Larsen, Guide and Guru: Pt. Sanjay Rath Timing delayed marriage The Naisargika daśa of Venus is from age 12-32. This is the best time to bring children into the planet. Marriage beyond the age of 32 may be

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Marriage Delay and Denial – Case Studies

By Visti Larsen, Guide and Guru: Pt. Sanjay Rath Example 1: King Otto of Bavaria, born 27th April 1848, 10:30, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. With King Otto’s Arudha Lagna placed in Aries with the Sun, a true servant of the people

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The month of Aries -The new beginnings

The ascendant represents the self. In Sanskrit we refer to it as Sva or one of the self-indicators. The ascendant in any divisional chart represents the native in that area of life.

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Why do we fast|Benefits of Fasting

The topic of ‘Remedial Measures’ in Vedic Astrology is often neglected, and yet there is a hope that we as Jyotishas never forget to conclude any aspect of our practice, or a study, without learning about the remedies for the

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Preuzmite besplatno poglavlje!

Preuzmite poglavlje knjige tako što ćete uneti Vaše podatke u naznačena polja. 

Truths about the sun signs

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