Sage Bhrigu

लग्नाद्द्वादशे चन्द्रफलम्

lagnāddvādaśe candraphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, dvādaśe twelfth, candraphalam fruits or results of the Moon

Translation: The results of the Moon in the twelfth house.


दुर्भोजनः दुष्पात्रव्ययः कोपोद्भवव्यसन समृद्धिमान्

स्त्रीयोगयुक्तः अन्न हीनः॥ ७०॥

शुभयुते विद्वान् दयावान् पापशत्रुयुते पापलोकः

शुभमित्रयुते श्रेष्ठलोकवान्॥ ७१॥


durbhojanaḥ duṣpātravyayaḥ kopodbhavavyasana samṛddhimān

strīyogayuktaḥ anna hīnaḥ || 70||

śubhayute vidvān dayāvān pāpaśatruyute pāpalokaḥ

śubhamitrayute śreṣṭhalokavān || 71||


durbhojanaḥ bad food; duṣpātra bad; vyaya expanse, losses; kopodbhava state of anger, rage; vyasana addiction, vice, evil passion; samṛddhimān one with great success, prosperity, wealth; strīyoga in union with woman; yukta joined, yoked, attached; anna food, eating; hīna loss, left, defeated;

śubhayute conjoined benefic; vidvān learned; dayāvān compassionate, sympathetic; pāpa malefic; śatru enemy, rival, foe; yute attached, united; pāpaloka place of suffering, śubhamitra good friends; yute conjoined, associated; śreṣṭha most beautiful, pleasant; lokavān region, space or world.


Translation: If the Moon is in the twelfth house, the native will be deprived of good food, will incur wasteful expenditure, and will be of an angry nature, will earn money by questionable means (like gambling, etc.), will suffer from disease as a result of contacts with woman (sexually transmitted diseases) and will have no food.

If the Moon is conjoined with a benefic the native will be learned, kindhearted, will have good friends (associations) and will go to heaven after death. If the Moon is associated with a malefic the native will go to hell.

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