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लग्नान्नवमे चन्द्रफलम्

lagnānnavame candraphalam

lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, navame the ninth, candraphalam fruits or results of the Moon

Translation: The results of the Moon in the ninth house.

बहुश्रुतवन् पुण्यवान्॥ ४७॥

तटाकगोपुरदिनिर्माण पुण्यकर्ता॥ ४८॥

पुत्रभाग्यवान्॥ ४९॥

पूर्णचन्द्रे बलयुते बहुभाग्यवान्॥ ५०॥

पितृदीर्घयुः॥ ५१॥

पापयुते पापक्षेत्रे भाग्यहीनः॥ ५२॥

नष्टपितृमातृकः॥ ५३॥

bahuśrutavan puṇyavān || 47||

taṭākagopuradinirmāṇa puṇyakartā || 48||

putrabhāgyavān || 49||

pūrṇacandre balayute bahubhāgyavān || 50||

pitṛdīrghayuḥ || 51||

pāpayute pāpakṣetre bhāgyahīnaḥ || 52||

naṣṭapitṛmātṛkaḥ || 53||


bahu much, many, numerous; śrutavan learned, knowledgeable; puṇyavān virtuous, righteous, hones;

taṭāka a pool; gopuradi a town-gate, ornamented gateway and other such things; nirmāṇa creating, building, forming; puṇya auspicious, good, pleasant; kartā a whole, cavity;

putra a son, child; bhāgyavān fortunate, lucky;

pūrṇacandre full Moon; balayute endowed with strength, powerful; bahu many, much, aboundant; bhāgyavān fortunate, lucky;

pitṛ a father and mother; dīrghayu long lived;

pāpayute conjoined malefic; pāpakṣetre in the sign of malefic; bhāgya fortune, luck; hīna loss, abounded;

naṣṭa destroyed, ruined, spoiled; pitṛmātṛkaḥ father and mother.

Translation: If the Moon is in the ninth house, the native will be highly learned and righteous. He will construct ponds, tanks for the good of others and shelters for cows.

He will be fortunate in the matter of children who will be prosperous.

If the Moon is full, the native himself will be very fortunate and his father will be long lived. If Moon is conjoined malefic planet or is in a malefic sign, the native will be unfortunate and will suffer loss of parents early in life.

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