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“The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.” Mark Twain

Which planet shows skin?

Not so long ago, I asked my students which planet shows the skin, and the answers were not as homogeneous as expected. The answer to this question is clearly stated in the Jyotish classics, including Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śastra by sage Parashara.
In the shloka dedicated to the saptadhātu or seven (sapta) tissues (dhātu) in the body, Mercury represents skin (Sanskrit tvag). As Mercury is of a prithvi (earth) element, it is also our skin, as a container, that holds our body. As such, Mercury is the one who gives us form/shape as well.
Jyotish tip: You will notice that Mercurial Lagnas (Gemini and Virgo) have a very youthful appearance and good skin. Of course, unless Mercury is afflicted in such a chart.

Do you know which planet or planets are most damaging to skin?

As per Ayurveda: “While imbalance of any dosha may cause skin disease, it is associated more with pitta imbalance, the heat element/agni tattva. Any activity that increases the fire or heat element in the body aggravates pitta and can lead to skin problems.”
As per Jyotish, it is primarily Agni (agni planets are Sun, Mars and Ketu) that are most damaging to the skin, or more precisely, it is Mars who is said to be an enemy to Mercury for health related issues. When Mercury is afflicted by Mars, one could suffer from bad skin, or specifically skin could get damaged by boils, pimples, cuts, scars, etc.
Jyotish tip: Protect your skin from following forms of Agni/fire damages: heat and burns like hot water bathing, sunburns, skin piercing treatments, skin burning lasers, etc. That being said, what about tattoos?
From a physiological perspective, one could say that skin trouble shows that someone has got under your skin, you have been irritated or angered, or you are boiling on the inside (karaka Mars).

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Another aspect of the severe affliction of Mercury, can bring about something more severe such as issues with appearance which can bring a lasting impression on one’s mind. Not feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, or even feeling that we are not in the right skin altogether would be indicated when Mercury is severely afflicted and linked to other sensitive points in the horoscope.
If you wish to learn more about health issues related to skin, consider the Health & Illness course Bundle. Two of the 24 independent health courses included in this bundle cover the topic of skin issues such as acne, rosacea and remedies.

About Health and Illness Bundle:

In 24 separate lessons, covered in 12 courses, Visti presents the classical understanding of various diseases, principles of their occurrence and example charts of their diagnosis and remedy. Your footing within medical astrology will be strengthened significantly by studying these 12 courses:

  1. Diabetes, a study of pancreatic (1) & insulin resistant (2) diabetes
  2. Eating Disorders – the astrology behind dysfunctional eating
  3. Gallstones & Kidney stones, a study of accumulative diseases
  4. Immune system disorders including HIV/AIDS & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  5. Lyme Disease and Malaria, a study of parasitic diseases
  6. Mental diseases & Cardiovascular diseases
  7. Organ-based & Metastatic Cancers – discovering the organs of disease
  8. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, both Veneral & Congenital
  9. Shaking (Parkinsons) & Cerebral Palsy
  10. Skin problems, covering Rosacea, Acne and remedies
  11. Thyroid disorders. their occurrence and how they affect the metabolism
  12. Sleep Disorders – understanding insomnia and narcolepsy in charts
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