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Caturashraya: Houses of Protection

Caturashraya: Houses of Protection

This is a part of the article series on the topic of the Bhava classification, and it is an excerpt from the third chapter named Bhava: The houses of Visti Larsen’s book Jyotisha Fundamentals – My Master’s words (this book is now available as E-book on all Amazon platforms).

The fifth house from any house is its shelter or ashraya i.e. the fifth house from Lagna shows the shelter of the native and indicates the children or followers who will take on and continue the native’s goals and ideals in life.

As the fourth house shows one’s home, the shelter of the same becomes very important. The shelter of the fourth house is the eighth, being the fifth from the fourth. Hence, the fourth and eighth houses become caturashraya in the chart.