Month: September 2015

bhRigu sūtram – The Moon in the first House

अथ तन्वादिद्वादशभावस्थितचन्द्रफलमाह तत्रादौ लग्ने चन्द्रफलम् atha tanvādidvādaśabhāvasthitacandraphalamāha tatrādau lagne candraphalam atha now; tanva part of the body; adi and other; dvādaśabhāva twelve bhavas or houses; sthita standing, being placed in; candra the Moon; phala fruit, result; māha great; tatrādau therefore, therein; lagne Lagna or ascendant; candraphalam the results of the Moon. Translation: Now begins the …

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Troubles due to Saturn’s transit

Kantaka Shani refers to the inauspicious effects that are attributed to Saturn’s transit through certain sensitive points in one’s horoscope. The effects are those as if the person is limping, or having a thorn in his foot, causing pain and obstacles in different areas of life.

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