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The topic of relationships in astrology and the whispers about Venus is forever present and actual. In fact, we can confidently say that the two topics, namely relationships (karaka Venus) and finances (karaka Mercury) are the driving forces to much of our lives.

Being of Rajas guna, Venus represents that aspect of us that is full of desire, attachment, restlessness and constant activity (ref. Bhagavad Gita). No matter what astrological path or school one follows, Venus is always said to be responsible for relationships.

But do we really understand which role Venus plays, in the arena of all the other predictive techniques, when it comes to relationships and marriage? How is it different than the 7th house, or 7th lord, or Upapada, Navamsha, Darakaraka, etc.?

Few facts about Venus:

  1. Venus is not our way of thinking when it comes to the marriage – that is our 7th house. 7th house is our brain when it comes to the relationship, it is us in the relationship, our ideas, and philosophy.
    The well-known saying “all is fair in love and war” and “it’s a thin line between love and hate” belongs to the 7th house as well. This house is also Maraka (killer), as well as the marriage house, and as such implies the role of ones partner as kavacha or protection (this becomes clearer when studying longevity combinations).

Different grahas cause grahana (eclipse) on the brain imparting certain conditions to the relationships. You can read about each planet in the 7th house in Bhrigu Sutras or in my teachers book Crux of Vedic Astrology, by Sanjay Rath. For more on marriage and relationships check out Visti´s course on sign Libra and Kalatra Sphuta – timing marriage and relationships.

2. Venus is not love! Before we talk about Venus on a graha level, Venus is of the Rajas guna or quality of desire, attachment, restlessness, the power of attraction; and Venus is of Jala tatwa or water element. So Venus is not love, Venus is an emotion (jala or water element) or attachment or infatuation with an expiration date rather than the “real love”. So which graha does represent real love?

3. Venus is not your spouse! Your spouse is your Upapada (the arudha of the 12th house), it is your 7th house in the Navamsha chart (first spouse anyhow). But it is karaka for a spouse in a man’s horoscope, whilst Guru is the same in the female horoscope. This explains how man vs. woman approach the relationship or look at it, but this is a topic for another day.  

So what is Venus?

Venus is a naisargika (natural) karaka (significator) for the relationships and marriage. As such it shows the hand of God, or our own karmas, when it comes to the relationships. Venus is like a God who decides if he will give or not.

Try this one out: see where is Venus placed from the 7th house to see you attitude towards partner(s), count back from Venus to the 7th house and you will know the reason for the same.

– Om tat sat –

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