What is luck? 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines luck as “a force that brings good fortune or adversity”. 

It is said that luck also represents success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. And, as per our dear friend Google, the word luck is similar to fortune, fate, destiny, and more, and we astrologers happen to agree with this bit. 

From a Jyotish perspective, one’s luck is seen from the 9th house. 

One of the names for the 9th house, as per the Jyotish classics, is bhāgya. Here bhāgya, stands for luck and fortune. 

The Lord of the 9th house is called bhāgyesha and is considered a carrier of past life’s karma, both good and bad. With this we have to place a question mark to the “chance” aspect to what we see as luck!  

It is based on the individual chart, and the 9th house therein, that we determine both good luck and bad luck, its timing and more. 

If you wish to know what I’ve learned about the 9th astrological house in the last 20+ years, now is your opportunity. 

I’ve opened the doors to my new course MANIFESTING THE 9TH HOUSE. .

MANIFESTING THE NINTH HOUSE is a nine-week course with a weekly Lesson (written/video), one audio training by a guest teacher, Visti Larsen, and a Question & Answer interactive segment with your teacher. You’ll also receive quizzes, exercises, and homework, to actively implement what we learn together!

Starting with the foundations and leading into the practical tips as to how to read the 9th house. More importantly, we will cover how to use Jyotish knowledge to improve your day to day life.

As with all my courses, this course stays with you forever, including all the future updates to this course. 

You will also be granted a discount-code towards your next RAMA course. 

To learn more, go to: https://www.rama-edu.com/p/manifestingthe9thhouse

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