There is a wealth of knowledge coming from observing time, which reminds me of the poem On Time by Khalil Gibran, and his words

 But if in your thought you must measure time into seasons, let each season encircle all the other seasons,
And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing.

Meena Sankranti is the time of the year when the Sun enters Meena rashi, or the sign Pisces. As per Jātaka pārijata – śloka 9, sign Pisces is depicted as two fishes, moving in the opposite direction, with their heads joining the other’s tail.

The symbol of the rāśi is important for the study of Astrology as the symbols are not picked randomly. For example, the sign Pisces is described as two fishes eating each other’s tails. They are moving in circles, and they depict the natural twelfth house, which is the house of emancipation, liberty/freedom and in the negative represents bondage, imprisonment, and closed institutions.

If you want to learn more about signs, consider Visti´s webinar series covering this topic.

The sign Pisces is said to represent the beginning of creation and this is why Rishis (Sages) have their domain here. Rishis are the holders of all the knowledge, they are our connection to God as well as our opportunity for liberation. Aquarius is the 12th sign therefrom that indicates the loss of this connection, loss of liberation and is the guarantee of the rebirth. This is symbolized with the beginning of the sign Pisces with the fish swimming downwards (indicates rebirth) while the second half of the sign has the fish moving upwards that indicates the upward movement towards moksha.

It is during this month that the Brahmins worship Jagatprasuti or Maha Lakshmi trough the Śrī Kamalātmika sadhana as she is the one who is giving birth to the whole Universe. This is the divine connection which is preceeding the birth, where the actual beginning of life is in the Aries, the next sign. As this is the time for prayer and performing remedies, Sun in the sign of Pisces (and Sagittarius) is considered inauspicious in a marriage muhurta and is preferred for prayers.

In a mundane way, our creation is coming from the D12 divisional chart (Dvadashamsha chart) that is dedicated to our immediate ancestors or parents. This gives us clarity in understanding the importance of one’s parents as through our bloodline there is a direct link to the ancestors, and finally Rishis. D24 chart (12+12=24) or Siddhamsa links to all the Rishis and the knowledge they give, for which reason it is also called Vedavahvamsha. In the Parashara scheme of divisional charts these further link to the D60 (12+12+12+12=60) or Shastyamsha chart that deals with the karmas that have led to this life.

As the 12th house represents our opportunity for the remedies, some of the means to remedy our karmas are the practices of meditation, fasting, the importance of one’s faith and dharma (the other lordship of Jupiter). And finally, as Jupiter is the lord of the sign Pisces, spiritual practices always start by remembering our Guru. In many spiritual traditions, this is done with the prayer called Guru Vandahana.

You can find the prayer on my Guruji´s website here.

– om tat sat –

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