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This article was inspired by the recent Leeds workshop delivered by the Visti Larsen, titled Mending one’s fortunes. This workshop is now available at Rama Academy.

As per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra the 9th house represents the bhāgya (fortune), śyāla (wifes brother), dharma (religion, purpose), Tirtha (sacred place, pilgrimage), yatra (travel), and brātṛpatni (brothers spouse).

The topic of this article is bhāgya.

Bhāgya can be translated as destiny, fate, fortune; but the root of the word bhāgya comes from the word bhaga which means a portion, a part, division, or a share. And what has been referred to here is the portion of one’s good (or bad) luck based on the 9th house or the past life. Or in other words, that which is apportioned for you, good or bad, based on your past life.

Furthermore, one’s good or bad fortune is based on the planets in the 9th house, and the 9th lord itself. Good fortune is indicated by benefic planets placed in the 9th house or aspecting the 9th house and is referred to as Bhāgya yoga. The same goes for the 9th lord, aspected or joined benefic planets in the rashi chart (D1), or even more so in the Bhāgyāmśa, or Navamsha chart (D9) as the division of a sign in 9 parts. Following that logic, malefic planets here will indicate the misfortune stemming from one’s past life.

It is pretty common knowledge that the 9th house indicates our world view, and what we are adding here is that one’s world view is coloured, or filtered, by our past life, and the karmas from our past life. With this, we can better understand why the nature of the planet associated with the 9th house (lord) will indicate the excuse for good or bad fortune. For example, Mars in the 9th house tells us to fight as it brings enmity and anger, Saturn indicates sorrow, Ketu shock, Rahu lying and cheating. If the malefic is strong then following the misfortune, stability and fortune follow.

Benefics in the house of bhāgya give fortune unless afflicted or weak, in which case they will need remedy.

Mending one’s fortunes

9th house workshop by Visti Larsen

There is a good reason why astrologers start chart analysis from the 9th house itself. Mending one’s fortunes is a workshop that covers the following topics:

  • introduction to the topic and the meaning of bhagya
  • effects of all planets in the 9th house
  • Mantra and gemstone remedies for the 9th house.
  • timing of events of fortune and misfortune

The importance of the 9th house

To truly appreciate this knowledge, one should also understand the impact of the 9th house upon the rest of the horoscope. Here are some of the main areas that are being affected by the 9th house.

  • Career and professional life, as the 9th house is the doorway to the 10th house, lack off or the delay of education or mentorship can significantly affect one’s profession;
  • 9th house has argala on the 6th, 8th, and 5th house, an auspicious 9th house can clear one’s enemies, diseases and debts as well have a positive impact on one’s children.
  • The 9th house is also vidya sthana and our link to our Guru and the higher knowledge. Therefore Diksha mantra can remedy and protect one’s life in general.

Recommended book: Crux of Vedic Astrology by Pt. Sanjay Rath
Workshop by Visti Larsen:
Mending one’s fortunes
MANIFESTING THE 9TH HOUSE, a nine-week course by Branka Larsen

– om tat sat –

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