Tapasvi Yoga

Tapasvi Yoga belongs to the group of planetary combinations showing ascetic tendencies in the horoscope. The word tapas indicates the burning sensations (or radiating heat), and tapasvin is someone who will perform hard penance or who will practice great austerities. This burning sensation happens through austere practices such as meditation, mantra sadhana, the practice of yoga or pranayama, and similar.

Formation of the Tapasvi Yoga

For the formation of the Tapasvi Yoga, one needs to have Venus, Saturn, and Ketu:
a) In the mutual trine from each other
b) in the same house/conjoined
c) and/or exchanging a mutual Rashi Drishti.

Why these three planets?

It is important to note that all the planets involved in this yoga are also karakas for the 12th house, also known as the abode of penance or Tapa Loka (if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the 12th house, check our RAMA course Mysteries of the Twelfth house).

– Venus is the main link as it indicates one’s bhakti and devotion towards a path or a deity. Without the involvement of Venus, there is no sincerity in the approach;
– Saturn is the karaka for tapas or hard work of burning of the karma, where even strong Saturn on its own can make you a tapasvi;
– Ketu is the moksha karaka signifying freedom from all attachments and bondage of this material world (sansara), not affected by its illusions.

It is important to know that if this burning of karma is done for spiritual purposes, yoga will have a link to Lagna or the Lagna lord. Otherwise, these sacrifices and hard penance can be turned towards other goals or achievements.

Advanced understanding of the Tapasvi Yoga

You can learn more about this important planetary combination from the Tapasvi Yoga Workshop by Visti Larsen.
Inside this workshop, you will learn the following:
​Who is a Tapasvin?
What forms Tapasvi Yoga, and its variations?
How to improve your Tapasya?
What are the drawbacks in spiritual practices?
What are the possible variations of this yoga?
How to recognize a true/sincere tapasvi vs. someone who dresses as one and more. ​
In addition to the audio presentation, you will find additional bonus material in the form of a Q&A forum and the presented slides inside the course.

Tapasvi Yoga Workshop by Visti Larsen

To learn advanced aspects of this planetary combination, please visit: Tapasvi Yoga at rama-edu.com

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