This weekly post is dedicated to the News where I hope to share and inform on the newest in the world of Jyotish. This time it is the very best of the news in the form of the new online lectures done by my Guruji, Pt. Sanjay Rath.

The topic is that of Pañcānga. Pañcānga is a Sanskrit word that means five parts or five limbs of time (pancha=five and anga=limbs or parts), those being Vara, Tithi, Karana, Nakshatra, and Yoga. As taught in the Tradition, examining Pañcānga is the very first step in ones approach to chart. In fact, we were taught that a student of Jyotisha is supposed to keep a diary of the Pañcānga for the day. With that in mind, I took some time to make a printable Pañcānga template for your own use, being chart analysis or a personal Jyotish diary.

Panchanga Template – Five limbs of Time

But, back to the lecture. In the first video, Guruji is speaking on the topic of the Vara or weekday, and the subjects of health, children and the basics of Panchanga are touched upon.

If you have missed it, you can find the lecture here: Video 1. Sanjay Rath: Magic of your Birth Day, with Kapiel Raj.

The second lecture covers the topic of Tithi or lunar day. Herein, the link to one’s relationships, the spouse and the quality of marriage is spoken upon.

Video 2. Pt. Sanjay Rath: My Spouse and Marriage Secrets

If you like the topic and want to learn more, you can listen to the Pañcānga series lecture delivered by Visti Larsen here.

And last but not the least, BAVA announced the 2019 20th International Conference held in London, 19-24 April 2019, with the topic Love, Marriage, and Relationships. You can find all the details here.

– om that sat –

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