By Visti Larsen, Guide and Guru: Pt. Sanjay Rath

Timing delayed marriage

The Naisargika daśa of Venus is from age 12-32. This is the best time to bring children into the planet. Marriage beyond the age of 32 may be considered a biological/natural delay. Whilst marriage in these years is expected, many professionals and academics marry in the Naisargika daśa of Jupiter from 32-50.

Malefics Saturn, Rāhu and Ketu rule the ages from 36 to 48, and are the real delayers of marriage.

Combustion further delays marriage until 54, whilst Graha yuddha can delay further.

Graha Age
Saturn 36-40
Ketu 40-44
Rāhu 44-48
Combustion & War (any planet) [***research]
Sun 50-54
Moon 54-58
Venus* 58-62
Mars 62-66
Mercury 66-70
Jupiter 70-74
Saturn 74-82
Ketu 82-90
Rāhu 90-98

Case Studies:

Chart 1. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, born 6th March 1806, 7 PM, Durham, United Kingdom.

The famous author also has Moon in the Lagna, as her wealth arising from her fame is due to Jupiter’s aspect on the Lagna.

D9-7L Mercury afflicted and combust by Mars and Sun in D1à curse of uncle! 6H gives diseases.

The chart of Browning shows the Lagna lord Mercury afflicted and combust in the sixth house of disease with the eighth lord of long-term disease. This looks particularly dire for the chart given that the D9-seventh lord is also Mercury and thus would cause difficulties in getting married as well! Specifically, the Sun is a Māraka to the seventh house-Virgo in D-9 and should deny marriage all together.

However, Saturn is the lord of the sign and is well placed in the 2nd house of wealth, showing that the health issues will be solved, and marriage can happen!

9th Lord shows when the freedom will end/begin. Venus is in Pisces hence Venus, Jupiter and Ketu will decide. Venus is the 26th year, Jupiter is the 32nd year as Ketu is the 40th. However, Jupiter in 4H will be earlier, viz. 16th. Ketu is the oldest at 40.

She incurred an injury and painful illness at age 16 which was never solved nor remedied. Her health made her largely immobile and only when she, at the age of 40, met her spouse was she motivated to end her life of solitude. She worked hard and overcame her ails, resulting in her marriage and parenthood, and further fame as an author.

Chart 2. Richard Dean Anderson (Macgyver), born 23rd Jan 1950, 13:05, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Two Arudha Lagnas exist for Taurus, one initial placed in Virgo and a later placed in Capricorn. With Mars and Ketu joined the former, he sought to be a hockey player until breaking both his arms! This dream would have shattered at the age of 14 (7+7). With Venus in the Capricorn-Arudha he sought a life in entertainment and studied to become an actor.

Saturn-Sun exchange signs à change of views!

With Upapada in Aquarius, lorded by Saturn and the Arudha Lagna in Capricorn, the stage is set for a single life in the entertainment business. The exchange of signs between Sun and Saturn marks an interesting change in his views. From birth till the age of 22 (Sun) he would have been inclined to marry and have a family, due to the nature of the Sun. But after 22 his priorities would change until the age of 36 (Saturn) when the exchange would enact again! Post 36 he would again be inclined to marriage.

D9-7L Jupiter in 9H combust à not manifesting until 49-54 years of age.

Jupiter is the D9-7th lord and is combust by the same Sun, hence despite a desire for marriage, no marriage can occur until the age of 49-54 years of age. Finally, in his age of 49 his partner gave birth to their first child and he began his pursuit of family life.

Chart 3. Jerry Brown, born 7th April 1938, 12:34, San Francisco, CA, USA.

With Arudha Lagna  and Darapada (A7) joined, Brown would be inclined towards intimate relationships, however, Saturn shares Graha Dṛṣti upon both, and also lords the Upapada giving an inclination towards bachelorhood. With the impetus to a single life arising from the Upapada, this implies that Brown’s partners would not encourage a commitment towards a marriage or similar long-term relationship.

With Mercury and Venus placed in the 12th house from the Arudha Lagna, we would expect a rejection of marriage, but with Ketu in the same Arudha a reversal occurs and places these planets in the 2nd house from AL, thus supporting marriage after Brown would adhere to a spiritual lifestyle.

With the D9-7th lord being Mars, joined the 12th lord Mercury and Māraka Venus, we should have expected a complete denial of marriage and dedication towards career and work (10th house).

However, Mars is strong in own sign and will overpower all the planets joined it showing at most a delay in marriage and not denial.

Ages of Mars are 3, 7, 28 and 66. Married at age 67.

Visti is a professional astrologer since 2004, accredited with the degrees of Jyotish Pandit, Jyotish Guru and Jaimini Scholar. He is a student of Pt. Sanjay Rath, from whom he received the responsibility as custodian of the Maharishi Jaimini Upadeśā Sutras. He teaches the courses of Parashara Jyotisha, Jaimini Sutras and further teaches through his online school, Rama Academy. You can learn more from Visti at or book a consultation at:

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