RAMA Webinar: Acne

This Sunday Cutaneous condition: Acne will be presented in the RAMA webinars with examples, from 3PM to 4PM CET (Central European Time)

WIKI: A cutaneous condition is any medical condition that affects the integumentary system — the organ system that encloses the body and includes skin, hair, nails, and related muscle and glands. The major function of this system is as a barrier against the external environment.

Pricing information: Two webinars of EUR 19 € each or EUR 38 €.


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ICAS Jyotiṣa Workshop on Family

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To all lovers of Vedic astrology, being  professional astrologer or amateur, mark your calendars!!

ICAS Chandigarh Center presents

Jyotia Workshop on Family

Speakers: Pt. Sanjay Rath, Komilla Sutton and Sarbani Rath

Dates: 2nd – 4th October, 2015

For more information’s, fees and schedule visit: http://srath.com/learn/events/jyoti%e1%b9%a3a-workshop-on-family

The Sun in the second house

॥ भृगु सूत्रम्॥

|| bhṛgu sūtram ||

लग्नाद् द्वितीये रविफलम्
lagnād dvitīye raviphalam
lagnād Lagna or Ascendant, dvitīye second, raviphalam fruits or results of the Sun
Translation: BhriguThe results of the Sun in the second house.


मुखरोगी॥ २२॥ पंछविंशतिवर्षे राजदन्डेन द्रव्यच्छेदः॥ २३॥ उच्चे स्वक्षेत्रे ना दोषः॥ २४॥
mukharogī ||22|| paṁchaviṁśativarṣe rājadanḍena dravyacchedaḥ ||23|| ucce svakṣetre nā doṣaḥ ||24||
mukha the mouth, face; rogī disease; paṁchaviṁśativarṣe twenty fifth year; rājadanḍena kings punishment; dravya object, thing; cchedaḥ cut off, torn off, separated; ucce or exalted; svakṣetre own sign; nā no, won’t occur; doṣa fault, deficiency, vice;
Translation: If the Sun is in the second house person will suffer from disease of the mouth (face). In the twenty-fifth year the person will suffer on account of the wrath of Government and can suffer the loss of wealth. This problem will not happen if the Sun is in own sign (Leo) or in its sign of exaltation (Aries).


पापयुते नेत्ररोगी॥ २५॥ स्वल्पविद्वान् रोगी॥ २६॥ शुभवीक्षिते धनवान् दोषादीन् व्यपहरती॥ २७॥ नेत्रसौख्यम्॥ २८॥ स्वोच्चे स्वक्षेत्रे वा बहुधनवान्॥२९॥
pāpayute netrarogī || 25|| svalpavidvān rogī || 26|| śubhavīkṣite dhanavān doṣādīn vyapaharatī || 27|| netrasaukhyam || 28|| svocce svakṣetre vā bahudhanavān || 29||
pāpayute conjoined with a malefic; netraroge disease of the eye; svalpa very small or little; vidvān learned, intelligent, wise; rogī diseased; śubha auspicious; vīkṣite looked at, aspected; dhanavān wealthy, rich; doṣā darkness, fault; dīn sad, depressed; vyapaharatī: to take away, remove, destroy; netrasaukhyam health of the eyes;
svocce own sign and sign of exaltation; or; bahudhanavān wealthy, rich;
Translation: If the Sun is associated with a malefic planet, the native will get an eye-disease; he will have little knowledge and will be of ill health. If the Sun is aspected by benefics the person will be protected from these evils and will be wealthy.


बुधयुते पवनवाक्॥ ३०॥ धनाधिपः स्वोच्चे वाग्मी॥ ३१॥ शास्त्रजः जानवान् नेत्रसौख्यम् राजयोगश्छ॥ ३२॥
budhayute pavanavāk || 30|| dhanādhipaḥ svocce vāgmī || 31|| śāstrajaḥ jānavān netrasaukhyam rājayogaścha || 32||
budhayute conjoined Mercury; pavana wind, air; vāk speech; dhanādhipa lord of the second house; svocce own sign and sign of exaltation; vāgmī talkative, eloquent; śāstrajaḥ learned in shastras or sacred scriptures; jānavān knowledgeable; netrasaukhyam good eye sight; rājayogaścha rajayoga.
Translation: If the Sun is with Mercury the native will stammer in speech. If the lord of the second house is posited in his own sign (Leo) or exaltation sign (Aries), the person will be eloquent, will have knowledge of ancient scriptures, will be learned and will enjoy good eyesight. This disposition will cause Rajayoga.

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