The Sun in the First house

॥ भृगु सूत्रम्॥
|| bhṛgu sūtram ||

अथ तन्वादिद्वादशभावस्थितरविफलमाह
atha tanvādidvādaśabhāvasthitaraviphalamāha
atha now; tanva part of the body; adi and other; dvādaśabhāva twelve bhavas or houses; sthita standing, being placed in; ravi Ravi, the Sun; phala fruit, result; māha great.
Translation: Now begins the twelve houses beginning from the Lagna and the placement of the Sun therein.

तत्रादौ लग्ने रविफलम्
tatrādau lagne raviphalam
tatrādau therefore, therein; lagne Lagna or ascendant; raviphalam the results of the Sun.
Translation: Therefore we can begin with the results of the Sun in the ascendant.

आरोग्यं भवति॥ १॥
पित्तप्रकृतिः नेत्ररोगी॥ २॥
मेधावी सदाचारी वा॥ ३॥
उष्नोदरवान्॥ ४॥
मूर्खः पुत्रहीनः॥ ५॥
तिक्ष्नबुद्धिः॥ ६॥
अल्पभाषी प्रवासशीलः सुखी॥ ७॥
स्वोच्चे कीर्तिमान्॥ ८॥
बलिनिरीक्षिते विद्वान्॥ ९॥
नीचे प्रतापवान्॥ १०॥
जानद्वेषी दरिद्रः अन्धकः॥ ११॥
शुभदृष्टे न दोषः॥ १२॥
सिंहे स्वांशे नाथह्॥ १३॥
कुलीरे जानवान्॥ १४॥
रोगी बुदबुदाक्षह्॥ १५॥
मकरो हृद्रोगी॥ १६॥
मीने स्त्रीजनसेवी॥ १७॥
कन्यायां रवौ कन्याप्रजः दारहीनः कृतघ्नः॥ १८॥
क्षेत्री शुभयुक्तह् आरोग्यवान्॥ १९॥
पापयुते शत्रुनीछक्षेत्रे तृतीये वर्षे ज्वरपीडा॥ २०॥
शुभदृष्टे न दोषः॥ २१॥
ārogyaṁ bhavati || 1||
pittaprakṛtiḥ netrarogī || 2||
medhāvī sadācārī vā || 3||
uṣnodaravān || 4||
mūrkhaḥ putrahīnaḥ || 5||
tikṣnabuddhiḥ || 6||
alpabhāṣī pravāsaśīlaḥ sukhī || 7||
svocce kīrtimān || 8||
balinirīkṣite vidvān || 9||
nīce pratāpavān || 10||
jānadveṣī daridraḥ andhakaḥ || 11||
śubhadṛṣṭe na doṣaḥ || 12||
siṁhe svāṁśe nāthah || 13||
kulīre jānavān || 14||
rogī budabudākṣah || 15||
makaro hṛdrogī || 16||
mīne strījanasevī || 17||
kanyāyāṁ ravau kanyāprajaḥ dārahīnaḥ kṛtaghnaḥ || 18||
kṣetrī śubhayuktah ārogyavān || 19||
pāpayute śatrunīchakṣetre tṛtīye varṣe jvarapīḍā || 20||
śubhadṛṣṭe na doṣaḥ || 21||

ārogyaṁ health; bhavati state of being, the house;
pittaprakṛtiḥ of pitta constitution or nature; netrarogī eye disease;
medhāvī a learned man, teacher, Pandit; sadācārī vā of a good manners, virtuous conduct;
uṣno burning, boiling; daravān one with large belly;
mūrkha stupind, foolish, dull; putrahīna childless;
tikṣna sharp; buddhiḥ intelligence, reason, comprehension;
alpabhāṣī speaking little; pravāsa deweeling abroud, absent from home; śīla habbit; sukhī happy;
svocce sva and Uccha; kīrtimān famous, praised;
bali powerful, strong; nirīkṣite to be aspected; vidvān educated;
nīce nicca or debilitated; pratāpavān dignified, powerfull;
jānadveṣī dislike for knowledge; daridraḥ deprived of; andhakaḥ blind;
śubhadṛṣṭe aspected by shubha graha; na doṣaḥ harm, damage;
siṁhe Leo; svāṁśe in own amsha; nātha owner, lord;
kulīre sign Cancer; jānavān knowledgeable;
rogī diseased, sick; budabudākṣah diseases of the skin;
makaro Makara, sign Capricorn; hṛdrogī disesase of the hearth;
mīne Mina, sign Pieces; strījana woman; sevī serving;
kanyā a girl, daughter; ravau Ravi, the Sun; kanyā Kanya, sign Virgo; prajaḥ to be born, progeny; dāra wife; hīnaḥ deprived of, abounded; kṛtaghnaḥ ungrateful;
kṣetrī occupy, place; śubhayuktah yuti with shubha planet; ārogyavān healthy, devoid of disease;
pāpayute yuti with papa planet; śatru enemy; nīcha debilitated; kṣetre place, sign; tṛtīye varṣe third year; jvarapīḍā fever;
śubhadṛṣṭe na under the benefic aspect; doṣaḥ vice, deficiency;

Translation: When Sun is placed in the first house or ascendant the person will enjoy good health. Person will be of pitta constitution and will suffer from the disease of the eye. He will be learned and will imbibe good manners. He will suffer on account of acidic stomach. He will be foolish and childless. The person with Sun on the Ascendant will have sharp intelligence, will not speak much and will have habit of wandering away. He will be happy.
In case that Sun is placed in its own or exaltation sign, he will be famous. If such Sun is aspect by strong planets, the native will become highly learned. In case such Sun is in the sign of its debilitation, person will be dignified. He will, however, have dislike for knowledge and will be blind. These ill effects will not be felt in case of the aspects of benefic planets.
If the Sun is placed in Leo in Rashi or Navamsha, person will acquire lordship over some territory. If the Sun is placed in the sign Cancer, person will be knowledgeable. He will, however, suffer from the disease of boils in the body. Sun placed in the sign Capricorn will bring heart disease, whilst in the sign Pieces will give that the person is subservient to his wife. If the Sun is in the sign Virgo, he will have only daughters. He will be deprived of wife and will be ungrateful. If such Sun is conjoined benefic planet the person will be devoid of diseases. Conjoined malefic planets, in inimical sign or debilitated, person will suffer from fever in his third year. Such unfavourable effects will not be felt in case Sun is aspected by benefic planets.

Horoscope of Tony Robbins

The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships – Tony Robbins

In his own words, he is a man on a mission to help awaken the full potential in others, or what he calls: instigate the breakthrough towards ones goals and dreams. This article aims to explain some of the major planetary combinations (yogas) present in his horoscope.

One of the major planetary combinations present in Tony’s horoscope is Kala Amrita yoga. As per traditional teachings, Kala Amrita yoga is formed when all the planets are placed in between two nodes: Rāhu and Ketu. It is said that the node in the head of the yoga determines the name and direction of the life. In this horoscope, Ketu is the node ahead of the planets and hence this yoga is called Kala Amrita yoga and indicates the spiritual path.

Robbins, Tony

This planetary combination gives the experience of bondage and restraints, person feels like he or she is not being able to live their true nature (or potential) and the excuse is seen from the axis of the KAY. This is a freedom seeking yoga. In this chart, KAY is places along the first – seventh house axis which indicates that the area of the bondage and frustrations is name, fame, reputation, health (1st house) as well as aspirations and relationships (7th house).

Luckily there are ways to break through this unpleasant bondage yoga. It is said that benefices conjoined the nodes; conjoined the 1/7 houses, or if none, the two Guru planets Venus and Jupiter, break the yoga and can provide relief from suffering. In the given chart, Rāhu is alone on the ascendant whilst Ketu is conjoined two planets: Mercury and Moon. More so, Mercury is ascendant lord conjoined the node and indicates that the person himself holds the key to unlocking the KAY due to his own intelligence, reasoning and brain application (Paka Lagna).
Ascendant lord and Arudha Lagna lord Mercury in debility and in marana karaka sthana (considered one of the worst house placements for planets) is showing poverty at the beginning of his life and death like experiences that will trigger the change. Mercury is getting cancelation of debility due to Jupiter in 4th in Hamsa Mahaprusha yoga and Mercury itself. The Ātmakāraka, Moon, being the planet with the role of his soul, is conjoined Ketu, making this aspect of KAY that much more important and indicates the natural spiritual mindset.

Let’s examine how exactly this developed and how did these planets influence his life:

– To begin with, Mercury is ascendant lord (person himself, name, fame) and 10th lord (career, job, success) in the mentioned 7th houses. Here we can conclude that he will be moving and travelling a lot (ascendant lord is weak in the seventh house). Mercury is placed in movable sign in D9 and indicates one who will move/travel whilst working. Tony is traveling all over the world for his seminars, but more so, he is ‘on the move’ during the seminars and is believer in physical preparation that boost energy levels and recommends lots of movement in order to change the state of mind.

– Marriage and relationships are holding the key to personal happiness (7th house, see his quote from above).

– Meaning of ascendant lord breaking KAY is that person himself can influence the outcome of this yoga.

Mercury’s conjunction to Moon paints the picture of his approach. His start of career was in the field of NLP or neuro-linguistic programming (Mercury is karaka for speech, language + Moon is karaka for mind, emotions, brain) or physiological impact of ‘inner story’. He later developed his own theory that is based on six inner needs (Moon is karaka for mind) and around that developed program of finding mental strategies to ensure the breakthrough in peoples life. This is indicated by Ketu + Mercury yoga. Ketu-Mercury yoga is known as bone breaking yoga and in this context it talks about mental and psychological breakthroughs or what he calls peak performances.

Big part of his teachings and work was inspired by his own poverty in childhood (effects of Lagna lord Mercury being debilitated) is philanthropy confirming the strength of sign Pieces where discussed yoga is placed whilst most of his efforts are put in foundation that feeds dozens of millions of families all over world (Moon is indicating food). 10th lord is placed in 7th house that, next to importance of travel and movement, gives him entrepreneur skills.

Let’s look at some of his major projects/seminars and books:
Unleash the power within – Ketu as significator for moksha, significator for absolute freedom + Moon (mind, here also karaka for soul)
Robbins Rapid Planning Method (RPM) – Mercury (language, writing) + Moon (mind, emotions)
Money, master the game – Mercury is indicator for money as rajas planet, Ketu is looking for freedom. That is also the main goal of his book, strategies to gain the financial freedom.
Personal Power – Ketu + Moon is known as grahana yoga, here removed by Mercury (ascendant lord and karaka for language/communication).
Unlimited Power – Ketu + Moon, how to remove grahana from mind and reach the place of unlimited abundance.


Om tat sat

Magazin Jyotish Digest – januarsko izdanje

10906432_10152960096003209_3917468319006267672_nJyotish Digest-released 1st January 2015- in a new, more compact size.

1. Horoscope of Baba Sri Chand- Sat Siri Khalsa

2. Mangalika Dosa- Sanjay Rath

3. Unified Naksatra Dasa Approach- Narasimha Rao

4. Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra- Sanjay Rath Vedic Astrologer

5. Three Lost Stars- Phyllis Chubb

6. Sri Sarada Devi- Branka Larsen

To get your copy contact

Mritjunđaja mantra


Reč Mṛtyu znači smrt (srp. mrtav) dok jaya znači pobeda. Mritjunđaja doslovno znači ‘pobeda nad smrću’.

Postoje brojne mantre za zaštitu od smrti i drugih oblika patnje, ali se Mritjunđaja, u svetoj literaturi, ističe kao najbolja. Ova mantra je upućena Gospodu Šivi i može se pronaći u Rig Vedi (7 mandala, 59 poglavlje) kao i u Jađur Vedi (3.60). Mantru mogu ponavljati svi u svrhu dobrog zdravlja, oslobađanja od ropstva i drugih problema i može se recitovati u bilo koje doba dana.

Mṛtyuṅjaya mantra
anuštub ćandas – 32 sloga = 4 pade (4×8=32)
Na početku mantre se dodaje OM.

त्रयंबक्कं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्।
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मूक्षीय मामृतात्॥
trayaṁbakkaṁ yajāmahe sugandhiṁ puṣṭivardhanam|
urvārukamiva bandhanān mṛtyormūkṣīya māmṛtāt ||

(om) trajambakam jađamahe sugandhim puštivardhanam
urvarukamiva bandhanan mrtjormokšija maamritat.

Mritjunđaja mantra se savetuje u lošim periodima i univerzalno u vreme zdravstvenih problema i životno opasnih situacija npr. operacija. Postoje dva oblika mantre:
1. Mritjunđaja biđa mantra: om đum sah
2. Mritjunđaja mantra:
Om trajambakkam jađamahe sugandhimà puštivardhanam
urvaruhamiva bandhanan mritjormokšija maamritat

Mantru treba početi praktikovati od ponedeljka. Savetuje se ponavljanje mantre, ujutro i naveče po 108x (ili jedan krug na brojanici od 108 zrna) u trajanju od 40 dana. Idealna brojanica je rudrakša mala.


Najveći čovek uvek ostaje dete – Gete

Pojam daša ili perioda u Vedskoj astrologiji jedan je od glavnih alata u tumačenju horoskopa, ipak za razliku od ostalih daša, Naisargika daša je univerzalno primenjiva na sve nas. Naisargika znači prirodna, daša znači period i naisargika daša se odnosi na prirodnu smenu periodu u životu čoveka.
U ovoj šemi perioda, svakoj od planeta (isključujući čvorove koji nemaju fizičku egzistenciju, Rahua i Ketua) je dodeljen određeni broj godina ili vremenski raspon:

1. Mesec (0 do 1): Mesec upravlja periodom od rođenja deteta do njegove prve godine. Ovo je period kada Majka (signifikator Mesec) ima glavnu ulogu u životu novorođenčeta kao i period fizičke vezanosti bebe za majku i majčino mleko (signifikator Mesec), period nege i razvoja čula. Veruje se da je tokom prve godine života veza majke i bebe, ranije fizička u vidu pupčane vrpce, zamenjena nevidljivom vrpcom koja se manifestuje spontanim nadolaženjem mleka kod majke pri pomisli na bebu, nove majke imaju ‘šesto čulo’ za svoju novorođenčad, koja sa druge strane, zadovoljavaju sve svoje potrebe kroz majčino prisustvo. Ovim postaje jasno i zašto je očeva uloga u toku prve godine života novorođenčeta prirodno sekundarna u odnosu na majku.

2. Mars (1 do 3): Mars upravlja periodom koji je u dečijoj psihologiji poznat kao ‘terrible two’s’ ili period detetove druge i treće godine. Ovo je period kada se deca prirodno odvajaju od majke i ulaze u period intenzivnog neurološkog razvoja (signifikator Mars) kao individue. Ovaj period je praćen naglim temperamentom i neretkim ispadima besa, histerije ili vriske (Mars); period istraživanja sveta oko sebe koji podrazumeva i eksperimente sa predmetima oko sebe (te je dobar period da preuredite svoj životni prostor i podignete lomljive predmete na neku višu policu ) ili sa samim sobom (skakanje, padanje, hodanje po ivicama i sl.). Za roditelje je bitno da imaju svest da je ovo prirodna faza detetovog razvoja koju kao takvu treba i prihvatiti, ukoliko dođe do suzbijanja ovih potreba, Mars postaje nepovoljan u horoskopu deteta i manifestuje se u vidu bunta, zatomljenog besa ili tendencija ka pasivno agresivnom ponašanju. U svakom slučaju, ova eksperimentalna faza je ključna za neurološki razvoj deteta.

3. Merkur (3-12): Merkur kao planeta učenja, govora i komunikacije upravlja periodom od treće godine do ulaska u pubertet, te kada u astrologiji pravimo referencu za Merkura kao signifikator za dete, mislimo na ovaj vremenski period. Merkurov period je period kada dete razvija verbalne veštine te je otuda ovo i idealno vreme za uvođenje stranih jezika; ovo je period kada se javlja svest o prijateljima i društvenim igrama te deca upravo tada postaju svesna da se neko drugi igra pored njih i sklapaju prva prijateljstva; Merkur je planeta koja upravlja pritivi tatvom ili elementom zemlje te su fizičke aktivnosti izuzetno bitne i ovo je idealno vreme da dete uvedete u svet gimnastike, joge ili drugih organizovanih fizičkih aktivnosti (za razliku od Marsovog perioda kada su fizičke aktivnosti bile primarno impulsivne, u Merkurovom period deca rado primaju i spremna su za verbalne instrukcije). I konačno, ovo je period ulaska u sistem školovanja i učenja o svetu oko nas kada roditelji ostaju zatečeni pred kišom pitanja malih radoznalaca.

4. Venera (12-32): Venerin prirodni period predstavlja životnu dob koju obeležavaju buđenje seksualnosti, svesti o suprotnom polu i generalno veliki broj želja (za ulepšavanjem, komforom, putovanjima – signifikator Venera). Ovo je prelaz iz perioda kada su prijatelji najbitniji na period svesti o suprotnom polu. Ovde se prirodno javljaju i prva ozbiljnija partnerstva te je želja za brakom tokom ovog perioda prirodno najsnažnija a život generalno vođen željama, rađas gunom, i nemirom koji rađas nosi sa sobom.

5. Jupiter (32 – 50) je period kada živimo naš pun potencijal (Jupiter je signifikator za mozak ‘medha’) ili period primene svega naučenog; primarni focus postaje stabilnost kroz porodicu (podizanje dece), profesiju ili druga lična postignuća.

6. Sunce (50 – 70) je period materijalnog vrhunca i period kada se osoba sprema predati nasleđe svojim potomcima ili sledbenicima (Sunce – raspodela sredstava), završavanje radnog odnosa kao i penzionisanje. Na prelasku u novi period osoba završava svoje dužnosti prema porodici i društvu te mesto glave familije predaje sledećoj generaciji. U Vedskoj kulturi ovo je period priprema za duhovnu životnu fazu ili sanijasa ašram.

7. Saturn (70+ ) upravlja poslednjom dašom i tako postaje signifikator za starenje, bolesti i smrt. Vaju element (element vazduha) postaje primaran kod svih kalkulacija za dugovečnost dok vata doša (u ajurvedi) dominira. Tako starije osobe neretko imaju vata poremećaje poput bolova u zglobovima, treba im jako malo sna i primetni su i prvi znaci fizičke oronulosti. Za razliku od Jupiterove daše kada smo na vrhuncu svojih potencijala, Saturn kao tamas graha i Jupiterov neprijatelj, počinje da oštećuje pamćenje, mentalnu vitalnost kao i otvorenost za nova znanja. Ovo je prirodno period kada duhovnost i putovanje duše postaju prirodna misao dok materijalni posedi gube na značaju.

Prethodno navedene odlike označavaju generalne smernice u toku maha daša perioda unutar Naisargika daše. Ista se dalje deli na pot-periode ili antardaše. Razvojni put je nešto drugačiji za muškarce i žene u kontekstu perioda sazrevanja, vremena nastanka muške i ženske menopauze i sl. i potencijalno su tema nekog sledećeg rada.


Prekid Kala Amrita i Kala Sarpa joge

Kala Amrita se formira poput Kala Sarpa joge i zahteva da su sve planete sa jedne strane Rahu-Ketu ose. Brojano od Ketua do Rahua u zodijačkom smeru, ako se svih sedam planeta nalazi u bilo kom od pet znakova, Kala Sarpa joga je formirana. Ako se umesto toga sve planete nalaze u znacima brojano od Rahua ka Ketuu, Kala Amrita joga je formirana. Obe joge donose znatnu patnju, zatočeništvo, stege i brojne životne promene.

Prekid Kala Amrita joge ili Kala Sarpa joge rezultira stvaranjem moćne rađajoge. Postoje dva načina za prekid joge:
1. Prirodni benefik ili snažna planeta treba da se nalazi na lagni ili u sedmoj kući i pokazuje da sama osoba poseduje neophodne veštine kao i da će izaći iz poteškoća i ispuniti životni cilj, i
2. Prirodni benefik treba da je u konjukciji sa bilo kojim od čvorova čime pokazuje da će osoba imati podršku ili pomoć od nekog ko se može videti iz kuća kojima vlada i prirode benefik planete koja prekida Kala Sarpa/Amrita jogu.
3. Ova pravila se mogu proširiti na Sarpa jogu i druge slične Nabhasa joge.

U ovom kontekstu, prirodni benefici su samo Jupiter, Mesec, Merkur i Venera.
(Izvor: Collected Papers in Vedic Astrology, Pt. Sanđaj Ratha) – PREVOD KNJIGE U TOKU!!!